Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


Joe Rogan: Right


Sam Harris: But if you and I wanted to say, we’re gonna devote the next month of our lives to just knocking down each one of those points, how do we do it? I mean so.. do we have to travel to find out whether there’s blood in the scene and talk


Brian Redban: even then you would know right?


Sam Harris: It’s an endless sinkhole of energy.


Joe Rogan: Right.


Sam Harris: That it just takes a second to set that fire.


Joe Rogan: Uhuh.


Sam Harris: And that’s what actually happens in debate too. There are certain people who you debate on the subject of religion who know that they can start many small fires in you know.


They’re given their you know 8 minutes for their side. And they can set 30 small fires. You get half-truths, untruths, stuff that you should really respond to because it’s just false.


Uhm, but it takes you so long to put the fires out that you can just put basically half of them out and then you haven’t said any of which you came to say and then they just come back and say, well he didn’t put out fires: 3, 4, 8, 9 and so he has clearly conceded my point


Joe Rogan: <laughing>


Sam Harris: It’s a debating game.


Joe Rogan: Right. Right.


Sam Harris: Dinesh D’souza just agree. An example of that technique. Have you ever see–  He did a debate with uhm, Daniel Dennett which was you know, really didn’t serve Dan very well because he was just..


It was a technique that was quite effective. He’s a fast talker. And he, he can just uhm, make a mess and it would take you an hour and a half to clean it up.


Joe Rogan: But I absolutely agree with you, on everything you said. But do you think that there are real conspiracies? Do you think that every one of these things is bullshit? I mean the people clearly do conspire, right?


Sam Harris: Yep


Joe Rogan: I mean Enron was clearly conspiracy.


Sam Harris: Yeah

Joe Rogan: It might have been a conspiracy that we entered into the Iraq world under false pretenses. I mean it might have been a conspiracy that Gulf-talking incident and Vietnam that might have been a big conspiracy.


Sam Harris: Yeah, well, there’s no question that, that from time to time


Joe Rogan: That people conspire, right?


Sam Harris: that powerful people get into some star chamber and tour their mustaches and conspire right. I think that probably happens but it’s just hard. It’s hard to bring it off and you should never assu..


Joe Rogan: Assume that’s the case


Sam Harris: And there’s an adage on this subject that you never ascribed to conspiracy what can be explained by incompetence or something like that. And it’s just so obvious that the incompetence factor in many of these situations is so high and so obvious. And..


Joe Rogan: As it is almost everywhere


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: Especially in government.


Sam Harris: And with September 11th, it’s just.. it’s just.. I mean.. it’s just the crushing variable that’s just the.. you know. We were just not.. We’re not prepared to deal with that kind of problem.


And uhm, you know anyone you know who thinks that this was a conspiracy thinks that at least hundreds, probably thousands of people woke up one day. Perfectly normal people. People in the FAA, people in the military, people uh in government woke up perfect cycle pass willing without a clear conscience to murder 3,000 of their innocent neighbors.


And not just, not, this was not Taskihi. This wasn’t the poor and disenfranchised and you know of a race, that you’re not fond of. These are some of the most powerful people in our society. Just blown up one day.


And all of this was perfectly attuned to leave the person at top of the conspiracy. presumably, George Bush sitting, reading My Pet Goat when the whole thing kicked off. I mean it’s just, it’s ridiculous. It’s like.. and then as a pre-text, to going to Iraq if uh.

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