Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


But the problem about any conspiracy of that sort and especially a bigger one like 9/11 truth stuff,  conspiracy is that it just takes so much perfect collaboration to bring it off and we know that people are so bad at that.


We know that interest don’t align so perfectly. We know that there’s always somebody who just wants to sell their story to a tabloid. Or feels guilty about the part they played or


Joe Rogan: Most likely.


Sam Harris: Or they’re getting divorced and they just can’t stop talking. And Bill Clinton couldn’t keep a semen-stain dress off the news so it’s like, that’s the simplest thing.


You know he’s the President of the United States with a terrified intern. And this will gonna wreck his presidency and he still couldn’t keep the dress. I see, I see…


Joe Rogan: Well, he couldn’t keep that dress but how many freaks do you think did he bang when he was president? That weapon was just like whipping on his dick left and right


Brian Redban: What if he got away with thousands?


Joe Rogan: That’s probably why he doesn’t want to talk about it. But once you’re a freak, you’re a freak.


And when you’re a freak at the highest order, where you want to be the king of the world, and you know you’re whipping your dick out in meetings like he would meet with women and just whip his dick out.


Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: Running out of the room screaming.


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: Like I did that shit a lot.


Sam Harris: yeah. But again, we have to know about that.


Joe Rogan: We know about one.


Sam Harris: No,


Joe Rogan: It did September 11 and not every other month. <laughing>


Sam Harris: Yeah, but you read the

Joe Rogan: He did get a few girls that got mad at him


Sam Harris: Hitchens wrote a great book No One Left Lie To: The Triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton.


Joe Rogan: Really


Sam Harris: Where he just took him down hard for..


Joe Rogan: Christopher Hitchens?


Sam Harris: Yeah, yeah. For about… short book. About 150 pages


Joe Rogan: Really


Sam Harris: Brutal and I don’t, I just, it’s never.. think about Clinton the same way. It just puts a fine point on everything you just said. And yeah, it’s pretty brutal.


Joe Rogan: He has a tinge of ego that when he talks, it always makes me wonder what he’s really like.


You know, on a safe thing that he has these big political speeches: “They didn’t do this! We did this! The Democrat. We did this! We did that!”


You know sort of bragging about stuff it’s like, it’s very un-leaderlike at this stage of the game



Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: When you go and look into his past dealings like… I read The Strange  Death of Vincent Foster. It’s a creepy goddamn book.


I’d like to go back and reread that. He’s the guy who’s somehow involved in that crazy real estate deal that they were with


Sam Harris: Yeah, right

Joe Rogan: and they found them, he shot himself but there was no blood at the scene. So it’s clear that his body had been moved.


Sam Harris: Yes. I mean that’s the kind of.. again, I’m not saying no one’s ever murdered. No one ever conspires. But it’s just so easy to manufacture details like that are then impossible to debunk.


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Sam Harris: How did we know that there’s no blood in the scene? How did we know that some 18-year old didn’t just say that in his website? And now that’s the mean that gets spread and now you have it in your head that there’s no blood in the scene.


Joe Rogan: Right. True.


Sam Harris: So much, so many conspiracies seem to be engineered by that kind of chatter and then

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