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Video Title: JRE #192 – Sam Harris, Brian Redban





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Joe Rogan Live March 9, 2012 1:49 AM



Joe Rogan: Is that it?


Brian Redban: Yeah


Joe Rogan: Did you start? Did you launch?


Brian Redban: Yeah. That was real.


Joe Rogan: Guess what? No sponsors. Just fucking cue the music.


Brian Redban:  Can I give you a dollar at least?


Joe Rogan: Yes, give me a buck.


Brian Redban: Alright. Cool.


Joe Rogan: Hit it.


<Intro Music playing>


Joe Rogan: Yeah, we have music of course. It’s ridiculous, but, it makes me feel like something’s actually happening.


Sam Harris: U-huh.


Brian Redban: Sam Harris, ladies and gentleman! Thanks for joining me man! This is really cool. It’s an excellent opportunity. The Internet’s are abuzz.


I’ve got more response for this as far as questions for you than I think any, any guest we’ve ever had.


Sam Harris: Well, great! I’m very happy to be here.


Joe Rogan: I’m happy here too man. I’ve watched a lot of your videos online. I’ve enjoyed every one of them. And I likened some of those debates that you get into with those old Gracie and action videos.


Sam Harris: Uhuh.


Joe Rogan: Have you ever seen those old Gracie and action videos?


Sam Harris: I’m not entirely sure though. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen a lot of Gracie material.


Joe Rogan: Yeah, well the Gracie and action videos were really the first videos that Royce Gracie. Royce Gracie, who’s a Helios’ son, you know.  Hoises


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: Brothers. Brilliant businessman. And he realized that all you needed to do was put together a series of real-life encounters between a trained Jujitsu practitioner and some guy who thinks he knows how to fight. He’s sure he knows how to fight…


Sam Harris: Right.


Joe Rogan:  and then he just gets mangled everytime. Every single time.


Sam Harris: This wasn’t the Gracie Challenge at all?


Joe Rogan: Well, they’ve got a bunch of them. I mean there’s Gracie in Action 1 and 2. It’s essentially; it’s basically just compilations of home videos that they have.


Sam Harris: Right.


Joe Rogan: Of really, for martial artists, really brilliant stuff to watch.  ‘Coz you know until the Gracies came along, nobody really knew that there was one guy out there that could just sort of manhandle people like that. Just strangling them


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: and choking them. That there was one martial art that was so superior when it came to grappling situation.


That you would watch those and you’d almost feel bad for the guy getting strangled but not really. That’s how I feel when I watch a lot of your debates.


Brian Redban: <laughing>


Sam Harris: Well, that’s very high praise. I can tell you it’s not as satisfying in the debate format as it is on the mat.


Joe Rogan: Oh for sure.


Sam Harris: ‘Coz no one ever taps.


Brian Redban: Yeah, exactly.


Sam Harris: It’s like you’re fighting you know, an army of zombies that they’ve lost but they can’t be force to admit that they’ve lost. So…


Joe Rogan: It must be a very bizarre thing for you because as far as like people who have spent like hours and hours debating publicly, debating the merits of the idea of religion, you might be like, you know, like Top 10 on YouTube of all the different information that’s available.

Have you ever seen anybody in all these different debates you’ve been in where you knock something into their head and you see like a light go off like holy shit. What if you’re right?


Sam Harris: Yea–uh..


Joe Rogan: Do you ever get that?


Sam Harris: Well, it’s hard to see in real time. People are pretty good about not having epiphanies in real time in front of you. You know. So, you can see people get uncomfortable and you can see them want to make a lateral move to a new subject.

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