Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170


Michael Ruppert: –in the polls, okay. “Hi I’m Ross Perot short, floppy-eared Texan with a big nose.”



Joe Rogan: I remember when he took out that ad and he basically bought about half an hour of television on primetime and explained what’s wrong with-what was it, the tax structure? I forgot what it was but it was just–



Michael Ruppert: And a yeah–debt.



Joe Rogan: Debt. He explained it all and spelled it out and he’s the only one that made any sense. I mean he seemed like a crazy dude but everybody who wants to be president is crazy.



Michael Ruppert: Well what the–what I’m saying with that is I’ve been around presidential politics a long time and I’ve studied them in a lot of ways, my Rubicon is in the Harvard Business Library, okay? And so–yeah it’s that rigged. Yeah it is that rigged.



Joe Rogan: It’s terrifying.



Michael Ruppert: Yeah.



Joe Rogan: It’s terrifying that well this is the free-est country the world has ever known and it’s been fucking hoodwinked by giant corporations.


Michael Ruppert: We have been–there was a guy, I had a source–somebody was in the position you know when  William Casey had his first briefing  as the CIA Director of Central Intelligence under Ronald Reagan would have been on January of ’81.


He said–to those in the room, he said, “We will know that we have been successful when everything the American people believe is true is false.”



Joe Rogan: Wow. Holy shit!



Michael Ruppert: Yeah.



Joe Rogan: It’s just amazing that this has sort have been–the way government’s have done things since the beginning.


So you no one has ever like been straight with the people and had it all you know even, I mean has there even been a culture ever that has been like completely cool as far as their government goes– no problems..



Brian Redban: I just watched an amazing movie last night, The Cove and even in that movie was a movie about dolphins and how much the Japanese Government lie to the people about mercury poisoning.



Joe Rogan: Yeah, well apparently that’s what Shane Smith from vice.com was telling us about the– the meltdown. It’s a much more of a health issue than the goverment is letting on.



Michael Ruppert: Well all that stuff is cut but–the reason why, let’s take a quote from  Mayer Rothschild, Senior Rothschild–the guy was at the London House.


He said, “Give me control of a nation’s currency. It’s money and I care not who passes it’s laws, who governs it. It’s irrelevant.” The infinite growth–look at what we’re seeing around us, what the economic collapse, the endless fucking corruption.



Joe Rogan: You know what killed me when all was going down and the bailouts were happening and Obama actually had the nerve to say that it was gonna limit the bonuses that these guys got to half a million dollars.


You know like as if someone actually talked him into thinking that that made any sense to regular people.


The regular people are gonna go and say, “Yeah, he know he got to have his half a mil.” He had to get–the bank is falling apart, people are bailing out the bank with their tax dollars and then somehow another–it’s rigged in the way that the CEOs get bonuses? What–how could that–what is that bonus based on?



Michael Ruppert: Those who are in a rigged game gets stupid. Barack Obama thinks people believed that he actually killed Osama bin-fucking Laden.



Joe Rogan:  Yeah.



Michael Ruppert: Nobody believes it.



Joe Rogan: I don’t believe it.



Michael Ruppert: No!



Joe Rogan:I’m not convinced. There’s too–I’ve talked to too many military people that don’t believe it. I’ve talked to people that you know, probably shouldn’t be talking about it you know and they’re like this is fucking horse shit. We know that that guy has been dead for years.

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