Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170


You know we don’t have to be all conquerors. We don’t have to be constantly running the world. It doesn’t have to be that way, right?

We can just be human beings and enjoy our time here because it is in fact temporary and like all sort of patterns of behavior that people get stuck in, whether it’s fucking gambling or excessive masturbation or whatever the fuck you get hooked on, you can also get hooked on running the world. You can also get hooked on fucking over the world.


These people are sick. They’re sick. You need to wake up! You need to pay attention to Michael Ruppert, bitches! ‘Cause he just dropped some signs. Thank you, sir. That was awesome. It was a great time, man. That was one of my favorite podcast ever. You said some awesome shit.



Michael Ruppert: Are we done already?



Joe Rogan: Yeah, man. We’ve been doing it for 2 hours and 40 minutes.



Michael Ruppert: Shit. I just got so into this.



Joe Rogan: I know. Well you could sit down for 16 hours in a fucking freezing cold and belt out a movie, sir.



Michael Ruppert: Yeah, 5 times.



Joe Rogan: Yeah. Thank you very much, man. This is awesome. Thank you for Fleshlight for sponsoring the Podcast.


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Thanks for tuning in. Chicago Theater almost sold out, freaks. We had to open up the top balcony and the bottom is done, kid!


That is February, no, excuse me, January 27. It’s Duncan Trussell, Joey Diaz and me. We’re coming to the Chicago Theater. Strap yourselves in, hookers ’cause we’re bringing thunder! Michael Ruppert, you’re the fucking man. Thank you very much, sir–


Michael Ruppert: Thank you.



Joe Rogan: I appreciate you greatly. How can people follow you? Do you have a twitter? You don’t have a twitter, do you?



Michael Ruppert: We have–yeah, everything. You can find everything at collapsenet.com



Joe Rogan: collapsenet.com, what is your twitter? I wanna follow you on twitter.



Michael Ruppert: Max, what’s my twitter?



Max: It’s collapsenet.



Joe Rogan: collapsenet. Collapsenet, what about Michael Ruppert? Is that name taken? MichaelCRuppert on twitter? Wouldn’t that be better than collapsenet? So that when people could look you up.



Brian Redban: Too late.


Michael Ruppert
: I don’t know, too late.



Joe Rogan: Somebody just junked it right now as we said that. It’s a little hackster kid, ” I got it! Haha.”



Michael Ruppert: Well, there’s an actor named Michael Ruppert and there’s a folk who had name Michael Ruppert that’s why I used the c ’cause they used to get you know –people calling them up saying your crazy conspiracy theory. Hahaha



Joe Rogan: Holler! Conspiracy theory and it’s a c. What are the odds?



Brian Redban: I got a show this Friday with the Icehouse here with some people I can’t talk about but tickets are on sale right now.


Joe Rogan: How come you can’t talk about the people?



Michael Ruppert: Yeah.



Brian Redban: Cause it’s a surprise.



Joe Rogan: Oh you don’t know who the fuck’s gonna be on the show?



Brian Redban: No, I do.



Joe Rogan: You gotta–Well you gotta say it. That’s how you advertise here, fuck!



Brian Redban: Well, I’ll be announcing a few of them on twitter in the next couple of days.



Joe Rogan: Are you trying to get people to follow your twitter? Is that what you’re doing?

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