Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170



Joe Rogan: So you’re ready to die?



Michael Ruppert: Yeah. So I came back–



Joe Rogan: How did you fix it?



Michael Ruppert: I came back to the US in–actually to Canada first.



Joe Rogan: I was so hoping you’re gonna say fox medicine. Hahaha.



Brian Redban: Hahaha. I became invisible to the legends.



Joe Rogan: No! I was like, imagine that’s the medicine.



Michael Ruppert: I’m gonna eat fox medicine forever.



Joe Rogan: Yeah, I know. That’s a meme right now, son. Okay



Michael Ruppert: So I was sick for probably a full year after I came back.



Joe Rogan: Holy shit!



Michael Ruppert: And I did holistic as much as I could but I was hospitalized–



Joe Rogan: So you get–you got to death’s door, essentially. I mean there was nothing they could do to save you?



Michael Ruppert: Nobody knew what the fuck–the Cuban doctors, they don’t know what’s causing this.



Joe Rogan: Wow. That’s incredible. That’s terrifying.



Michael Ruppert: But we got Tillman out. And Tillman was published and right after Donald Rumsfeld resigned, I flew back to Canada then I came back to New York and stayed in Brooklyn for 14 months before I came back at h—



Joe Rogan: So, are you just moving around just because you’re worried about someone finding where you were?



Michael Ruppert: No, I was you know–Venezuela was a very specific purpose because, you know, we have something huge with Tillman and I was firmly convinced they were gonna kill me.



Joe Rogan: How long did you stay in Venezuela?



Michael Ruppert: 4 months. And then I was basically out of it, you know. I was done. I came into an inheritance from my father but I had to fight for it for  3 years back in 2008 .


And I have this time–this first time of like 30-fucking years of fighting to breathe and catch my breath. I didn’t have to worry about shit.


And then, I kind of caught up with myself, you know. It’s like you stop long enough and then all the shit you did for the past 30– catches up and you absorb it.


And then, it was right about then that Cynthia McKinney, my friend, former black congresswoman from Georgia, Atlanta, very dear friend, she was the green party nominee and she mentioned that she would like to have me be her running mate in 2008.


I said, “are you out of your mind?” But that’s when I decided, we need a presidential energy policy. This needs to get put into the peak oil and all the issues about this.


That became my book, Confronting Collapse. But then Chris Smith showed up from Bluemark films also in February of ’09 and said, “Hey, we kind of like to make a movie. What’s going on?” and then I—



Joe Rogan: Very compelling movie, I mean when you think about it when is the last time you saw a movie where a dude just talks for 90 minutes. Pretty fucking amazing that you can carry a movie like that and not just carry but it was really entertaining as well as fucking terrifying, you know.



Michael Ruppert: There were 5 shoots. Each shoot was about 12-14 hours on set and it was a full Hollywood shoot, you know.



Joe Rogan: So you just drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and rant.



Michael Ruppert: Yeah. And they were feeding me the energy drinks. They have a– it was so cold when we first started shooting. I’m in that blue suit, I’d be sitting there and like, brrrr–cut! They bring in a blanket, put two butane heaters next to me until the color came back, then pull it out and then we start shooting again.



Joe Rogan: Wow. I did that once when I was working for Dave Chappelle. With the Dave Chappelle Show, we filmed this Fear Factor Parody with Tyrone Bighams as the crackhead that he used to do as a character.

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