Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170



Michael Ruppert: That’s gonna happen during the collapse. Well, that’s what’s all coming. That’s what’s here now. And that’s happening all over the world. The bloody riots all over England. We have a car set on fire in Rome. The Arab spring–you know.



Joe Rogan: Right, but in general it’s like you have a few things that’s blipping up but if you look at the overall harmony in the earth at any given moment, most places are not in conflict, right?


Most places are just people going about their business trying to live their lives with these spotted atrocities popping up here and there, you know. If you look at it on a–you know as an organism in conflict, it’s not in as much conflict. It’s not like a hundred percent conflict.



Michael Ruppert: Direct correlation between that and population density. Big cities are not sustainable.



Joe Rogan: And when you see things like Egypt like these crazy beatings that they’re doing to protesters in Egypt now and you see like these battle to control Iraq. Do you think that that was engineered? That they knew that in a vacuum that you know, these puppet governments they put in place would quickly fall apart?



Michael Ruppert: No, I really think that the US government is



Joe Rogan: cocky



Michael Ruppert:  flamboozled and cocky because we built, I’ve had this in Rubicon, 3 megabases there. That were meant to permanent installations. And I mean, some of the largest most expensive military bases ever were built.


We built an Embassy Compound larger than Vatican City. It’s gonna house like 8 thousand people. We plan to be there forever.



Joe Rogan: So why are we getting out? Is it just too crazy?



Michael Ruppert: This is the Roman Empire, it’s crumbling.



Joe Rogan: Jesus Christ.



Michael Ruppert:This is the Roman Empire and the world is starting to see that and they’re gonna move much much closely into allying with China.


And China is imploding also, that’s the other catch to this. And the same thing is happening with money as it is with life and everything else is that people are jumping to next safest thing.


And all they’re doing is moving up 1 deck in the Titanic. To a deck hasn’t gone underwater yet.



Joe Rogan: And hoping that their kids miss the next big wave. They get to stay alive and die before all the shit hits the fan again. I mean can’t it be held back? Like a wave? Does it come and go? Completely flat line and then rebuild?



Michael Ruppert: It won’t be flat line across the board. When the Roman empire collapse there were some small towns that survived its pockets you know with wisdom, where civilization was held for a while.

That’s the way this is going to play. There are going to be places around the world that by virtue of climate, their orientation to permaculture, sustainable economies and the skill sets that they have that will fair better than other regions. Uhm, I think basically that the people in the cities are fucked and if you stay in the big city, you’re gonna be fucked.



Joe Rogan: There’s no food here.



Michael Ruppert: There’s only a 3-day food supply in Los Angeles. I graduated from Venice HIgh School. I went to UCLA you know..


There’s only a 3-day food supply in this city and there’s not enough fresh water. We steal the water from Northern California. Las Vegas shouldn’t even exist and Phoenix is gonna go under. I mean, those cities.



Joe Rogan: Well I love the story of The Salton Sea. It’s one of my favorites, I’ve watched several documentaries, read a bunch of things on and I’ve got a whole coffee table book at home of photos from the Salton Sea.


That’s an amazing story in itself. We just decided to get crazy and create a civilization out there in the middle of the desert.

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