Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170



Joe Rogan:And the only way to avoid this is have a guy like Ron Paul on office? Is that the only way to not go on war with Iran?



Michael Ruppert: No.



Joe Rogan: How do we avoid it?



Michael Ruppert: Because the Occupy Movement is demonstrating that. You’ve had a hundred thousand people out in the streets of Moscow.


There’s an Occupy-related, Occupy-inspired revolt in the village of Wukon in Southern China which has made the Chinese Communist government back down.


And it’s–again, it’s not communist versus capitalist. It’s all money and banks and growth and all that stuff. This is a growing wave of consciousness. It’s magic. And that’s why there’s a lot of days when I walk around late and I see things happening and I’m just giggling.



Joe Rogan: So you love this? This is fun for you? First of all, you’ve been predicting it for a long time, so while it’s happening, you’re like, “See, I fucking told you.” There’s a lot of that, right?


There’s also you’re happy to see the system fall apart not because you want people to die but because it’s a fucked up system that doesn’t work and it needs to die like anything that doesn’t work.



Michael Ruppert: Let me make it very clear, I’m doing everything I possibly can accelerate the breakdown of United States government and the economy and the banking system and everything else.



Joe Rogan: Now under the Patriot Act, are you allowed to say shit like that? Can’t that be interpreted as you’re a threat?



Michael Ruppert: Only God determines what I’m allowed to say and nobody else has the right to do that.



Joe Rogan: And isn’t it supposed to be enemies both foreign and domestic?



Michael Ruppert: Yes.



Joe Rogan: Who forgot that? How come everybody forgot that? Foreign and domestic.



Michael Ruppert: That’s the beauty of Occupy. All these veterans showing up, Captain Ray Lewis the Philadelphia Police Captain who showed up in his uniform and got arrested at Zuccoti.


You know, there’s… We’re stepping by the thousands all over the country and we’re making ourselves known throughout the movement.

And what we’re discovering is that there’s lots of us out here. And we are not gonna let this go down. And if the detention provisions are passed and NDAA and they’re employed, you’re gonna see massive breakdowns because there’s gonna be soldiers in this country that won’t fight.


There’s gonna be cops that will stand with the people. Five county sheriffs in Northern California have united. And County Sheriffs are the most powerful dudes in the country. They can tell the president to stay out of the county legally. And the president can’t say jack about it.



Joe Rogan: Isn’t that changed? ‘Cause they’d probably change that with the NDAA. They’ll probably change that with something. Some sneaky bill they stuck through. But that didn’t matter. Once they bring the military in.



Brian Redban: It’s illegal to grow food. You guys said to plant your own food. Did you know that one bill passed that makes it illegal to predose for your own food.



Joe Rogan: What?



Michael Ruppert: You know there are some laws that restrict some people’s ability in some places to grow food.



Joe Rogan: Yeah but dude farts a lot you can’t be growing broccoli in your backyard.



Michael Ruppert: Yeah but the real piece of the FDA which says you can’t drink raw milk which is awesome. I love raw milk.



Joe Rogan: Raw milk is delicious. Did they stop that? I used to get it in Whole Foods. They don’t have it anymore.



Michael Ruppert: It’s spotty around the country.



Joe Rogan: You have to go to a farm?



Brian Redban: Senate Bill S.510


Joe Rogan: Senate bill S.510? And what does it actually say? What is the actual language?

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