Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170



Joe Rogan: Yeah, he’s a silly boy.



Michael Ruppert: So you know–all that stuff it just needs to stop.



Joe Rogan: So, like I said, you predicted a lot of shit. You’ve been at the–I mean I forget when it was when you started predicting that our society was slowly gonna collapse. It was like way before anybody else is doing it?


Michael Ruppert: 2001 was when it first started.



Joe Rogan: What do you think is gonna be the end point? The end point–is it gonna be we find groups of people, we hang-out together and grow food?



Michael Ruppert: No, that’s–I’m probably more grateful for that question, Joe than any other one because that’s what we’re fighting about now. When we wanna get Ron Paul elected.


That’s what we’re fighting about. It stops when the people wake up to the point and says, “This has got to stop.” because—



Joe Rogan: So if you can get a guy like Ron Paul in office, you think we kind of smooth everything out and still have cars? Hahahaha.



Michael Ruppert: Oh we will still have cars even if we have bio diesel run on.  Even if we have you know, some other criminal in the White House, you know. They’re gonna become harder to find but we’re fighting to determine how far the system is gonna run everything down before we put our foot down and say this has got to change.


That’s what’s gonna make the difference because this system–I wrote an essay called, Globalcorp some years ago. And in it, I said the way the system works–infinite growth, murders and everything, the last CFO of the last corporation in the world, Globalcorp.


When the world is in total ruins, when 4-5-6 billion people are dead, when one guy has acquired all the ones and zeroes of wealth, and that company goes bankrupt, he’s gonna say hurray we did it.


That’s where that ends until and unless we stop it. Human beings stop it and consciousness is here that understands that the infinite growth economic paradigm will kill us in order to make a profit.



Joe Rogan: How much time do we have?



Michael Ruppert: Well, if there’s an attack launched on Iran within the next week or two, or before the Iowa 3rd–excuse me, the January 3rd Iowa caucuses, and China comes in to back up Iran and Russians have said they will back up Iran, and nuclear weapons are exchanged, it could be over in 2 weeks.


Joe Rogan: Jesus fucking Christ! I got shit to do, dude. I got a new special to make. I’m gonna release it like LucyK. Look, this is very frightening stuff. You think that this is unavoidable? You think that nuclear war with Iran is just–



Michael Ruppert: No, I don’t. And I’m seeing very strong signs that the United States is getting bitch-slapped around the world right now. Since we killed 24 Pakistani troops, ISAF heroes killed 24-pack soldiers. All of the supplies going into the NATO forces in Afghanistan have been cut-off through Pakistan.



Joe Rogan: How ridiculous was the asking for the drone back from Iran? Did that make you feel like it’s a work of fiction when you saw that?



Michael Ruppert: FUBAR–it’s just FUBAR. It’s just nuts!



Joe Rogan: They even asked him to go on TV and say that we asked for it back. They told Obama to do that. It’s almost like they’re making him become a buffoon into his last couple of years.


This is your script. This is what I want you to do. I want you to go out there and when they say about the drone just say we asked for it back. He’s probably like, what the fuck am I gonna say? Really? Like a sitcom actor who doesn’t wanna be humiliated. This is a bullshit line.



Michael Ruppert: Expect it to be a lot more non-sensical all the way from here on out.

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