Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170



Joe Rogan: Yeah



Michael Ruppert:  But, see that’s a different operating system. It’s like a different vibration inside completely. I don’t know if you’ve done any psychedelics or anything like that–


Joe Rogan: Never.



Michael Ruppert: –but it’s kinda like what you get like a DMT trip or something.



Joe Rogan:  Right.



Michael Ruppert: You know you see other dimensions and you become so much more aware of other realities and other truths. And really what I think what’s happening now as the old–the infinite growth paradigm is dying, it’s obviously dying.


I mean anybody who can’t see the collapse of human industrial civilization now needs to be deselected. I mean you know–



Joe Rogan: So how do we get through this? Do we get through this without a die-off or there has to be a die-off?



Michael Ruppert: I think that the way we get through this first of all is to realize that there’s no “WE”. Ah in other words for all 7 billion of us.



Joe Rogan: So we gotta cut off the rest of the world and build up a fence?



Michael Ruppert: No!



Joe Rogan: Hahahaha.



Michael Ruppert: Not that either. What you have to do is form your own communities of people who have the same consciousness. And you can do it in a big city. Where I live in West Sonoma County is just right for that. We are like one of the test beds for that.



Joe Rogan: So there’s a lot of hippie pussy.



Michael Ruppert: Yeah.


Joe Rogan: Hahahaha. Is that what you’re gonna say?



Michael Ruppert: Yeah. As a matter of fact, yeah.



Joe Rogan: It’s very important. If you’re gonna have a–some sort of a cult, you gotta have hot hippie pussy. You know, if you are gonna start your own civilization out in the woods, you can’t do it with just dudes.



Brian Redban: Hahaha. That shit’s gonna get boring.



Michael Ruppert: Yeah and there really is a lot to be said for being very touch with the nature and the rhythms of the planet because it—


Once you become aware of them some, they’re very sensual and they’re very–you know once you really start to plug into in and connect with some of the life that goes on. But most people in the world don’t have any clue about that.



Joe Rogan: Yeah it would be nice if we could all like break off into likeminded group of really nice people so you would guarantee that your community would really be fucking cool you know. No ego issues.


Everybody’s got a few mushroom trips.



Michael Ruppert: Yeah



Joe Rogan: you know. People like to do yoga. They don’t fuck with you. They don’t tell you that your music sucks.



Michael Ruppert: Right.



Joe Rogan: You know, it’s so difficult to get that though. We’re just so many human beings now. When you fly over cities do you ever look out in amazement what a crazy structure like Los Angeles really truly is. You see the lights like when you flew in here? Did you fly in at night?



Michael Ruppert: No, I–we drove



Joe Rogan: Ah okay.



Michael Ruppert: but I have flown in to L.A.—



Joe Rogan: It’s ridiculous right?



Michael Ruppert:–a hundred million times.



Joe Rogan: And you fly in at night? I very rarely fly in at night but I did it recently. And flying in, you see it and you’re like how is this not science fiction?


How is this not some crazy blade run mother-fucking movie? Just the way it looks



Michael Ruppert: Well, yeah



Joe Rogan:  you know flying in to this giant grid or artificial light. It’s amazing! Yeah it’s so–it’s such a thing that we take for granted.


Remember my friend Larry? Larry had his house in the Hollywood Hills and you would look out at night and I never realized why is everybody want to live in the Hollywood Hills, there’s fucking pollution’s up there, it’s shitty.

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