Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170



Joe Rogan: So fucking movies! It’s a movie. I mean it’s a great action film right now. We got a crazy shit going down. I mean you know a V for Vendetta movie sequel somehow.



Michael Ruppert: On the world news desk, I analyze 200 stories a day, a hundred and fifty stories a day and that’s how we bring you the news from all over the world. These are really great stories but you know I’m watching some the shit happen and I’m gonna go on pass the fucking pop corn I mean it’s like I can’t believe some of the crazy stuff I’m seeing right now.



Joe Rogan: Where is it all gonna end? Does it–is there a real–you’ve been really good at predicting a lot of shit, man.


And you predicted like pretty much every single big economic event that’s happen. You were on that before–you were right with Peter Schiff. You were on that–you were predicting that stuff like way back in the day.



Michael Ruppert: Way back. Yeah.



Joe Rogan: What do you see now when you’re looking at it now? Where do you see it end? What’s your prediction on for it ends?



Michael Ruppert: Okay.


Joe Rogan: Or rather comes to a –you know–balance again?



Michael Ruppert: Where we are right now–where we are right now is like–the mega and climax at the end of act two. Okay?


The global economy is imploding right now. Europe is dead and there’s 1.4 quillion quadrillion dollars in derivatives out there that are imploding because money, like I said in the movie, that’s exactly what I– that’s exactly the point I was on to this, woah! This is spooky.


Anyway, money you can’t–has no power. Money only has power because of energy and resources. Okay?


And you can print an infinite amount of money but we live on a finite planet and we’re running out of all the stuffs that make that money have any power. The money itself has no power. And that’s the big adjustment that civilization is collapsing.


There are 6 billion people living here now only because of cheap energy. And our population has gone straight like that since the discovery of oil and it always goes like that and then it crashes. And that’s where the cost of the crash is right now.



Joe Rogan: So you think we’re just in a cost not just an economic collapse but a biological disaster?



Michael Ruppert: Everything.



Joe Rogan: What is, I mean, how are you gonna get rid of that many people?



Michael Ruppert: Well–gee, you can let all the radiation out of Fukushima, you can let all the oil out of the gulf, you can let billions of tons of methane that’s now being released from the tundra in arctic Siberia–it’s a catastrophic event for a tipping point.


We’ve destroyed the environment as well. That’s gonna kill a lot of people but there are 10 calories of hydrocarbon energy in every calorie of food consumed in the industrialized world.


The energy is going away. And the top soil we use to grow food on is nothing but dust. It’s a sponge on which they pour chemicals made from oil and natural gas. So people are gonna starve to death.


Joe Rogan: Holy shit. So it should’ve never got this crazy in the first place? We got way ahead of ourselves. Technology got far enough ahead that we could support gigantic groups of people and we sort of like bought a car on credit–



Michael Ruppert: On loan. Something’s on my mind–



Joe Rogan:–And it turns out we couldn’t.  Please do.



Michael Ruppert: I’m gonna standby. The people that do this, the people who run the infinite growth monarchial paradigm system which to identify now, I would say would be the owners of the Federal Reserve, the Bank for International Settlements in the city of London, let’s start there.


They’ve known that this outcome was coming for a long time. And they’re engineering and they’re making money from this now. The sick bastards are deliberately letting things crash.

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