Michael C Ruppert – Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 170

Video Title: #170 Joe Rogan Experience w/Michael C Ruppert


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As if there’s some fucking competition. Is there, you know, is there a battle of the sex toys?



Brian Redban: I saw one the other day that you can put in the dishwasher and it was pretty badass looking but it vibrated and I don’t think vibrating…



Joe Rogan: That’s not real life.



Brian Redban: Yeah. That isn’t fix something.



Joe Rogan:  I don’t need a vibrating vagina. Anyway, if you enter in the codename, ROGAN, your 15% off and if you go to–also responsive on onnit.com.


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We also have the Cordyceps mushroom supplement Shroom Tech Sport which is great for people that are like–if you’re really working out.


If you really like you know, really hard working out it’s good for you. If not, if you’re one of those Brian characters it’s not necessary, right? You don’t need no Shroom Tech sport in your life.



Brian Redban: Yeah.


Joe Rogan: There’s no need. We also have Shroom Tech Immune which is a great immune– immunity booster. It’s–good stuff.


I don’t know the science behind this so I can’t really explain but as it was explained to me, what it is, is something in this mushroom tricks your immune system into thinking that it’s like a cold.


And your immune system pumps up and prepares for a fight that never comes.



Brian Redban: Yeah and then it has like Zinc in it and a bunch of stuff in there.


Joe Rogan: There’s a lot of stuff so it’s good for your immune system. And we also make New Mood which is a 5-HTP supplement which is uhmm, just gives you like a little Serotonin boost.


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Alright kids, strap the fuck in. I hope you prepared yourself, I hope you sacrificed the sacred planet to the fire gods ’cause Michael Ruppert is here bitches!


We’re gonna get to the bottom of some shit. This–this is an unusual, very unusual man that’s with us today.


First of all, thank you very much for doing this man. I really appreciate it. It’s an honor.


I bought your book. You gave me a copy of it today but I already have it ’cause I bought it about like 5 years ago which is Crossing the Rubicon. That’s when it came out right? When did that come out?


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