Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Anthony Bourdain: Oh, wow.   Uhm.. i dunno scary?  I mean in any country where there’s..  Theres really no infastructure.  Or no trustworthy infrastructure.  I mean.. uhm


Bryan:  Do you worry ever that you know you become like a target?


Anthony Bourdain:  Uhm.. There have been times when we’ve..  On the show.  Uhm,, when we shot in Beirut.  In the war in two thou..  We got caught up in a conflict. There was a heightened level of paranoia about that sort of thing then.  But.. but you know, it was ridiculous in the end.


Joe Rogan: What happened then?  You got caught up


Anthony Bourdain:  Well, we were there shooting.  And you know, a Happy Beirut Show.   And you know No Reservations#tvshow.  And went back to my hotel bait. And basically there was a border incident with Israel. Ah.. some Hezbollah kidnapped some Israeli soldiers.  And basically. We got caught up in a war.. I mean


Joe Rogan: Wow!


Anthony Bourdain:  Woke up.  And went home one evening.  And look out the window.  There was the airport, you know.  Bursting into flames.  And rockets and stuff coming in.  We realized you know, we’re not.  We’re not getting out any time soon.  So there was, of course on the part of the people you know who secured. Security guys who got involved.  Trying to get us of the country.  Yeah we had to think about all of that.  Sort of you know possible targets.  All sorts of stuff.  Again it’s ugh.. it’s silly.  I don’t think any of us to took it, took it seriously ever.  I mean, really.  Who would target?   You know, host of the deep shit little travel show.  You know


Joe Rogan: Man.. some people in some parts of the world would really be desperate. But uhm, so that was the worst situation you were ever in?


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah that actually satisfying.  This is the scariest probably places.  Uhm.. Liberia, uhm.. you find yourself at.  Where people are desperately poor.  Uhm.. and hungry, uhm.. and there’s there’s no law and order at all.  Ah, you know..  A little situation at a market can turn into a really ugly situation.   You know, those are probably most realistic threats we’ve ever ever faced.  It just you know.. You know large groups of hungry people behave like hungry people do.  And ah..  So there been some dodgy moments.  But that’s about it


Joe Rogan: There’s a great online documentary show called Vice Guided travel. #documentary(The Vice Guide to Travel) Have you ever heard of that?


Anthony Bourdain:  Oh yeah, it’s terrific


Joe Rogan: Yeah.  Did you ever see their episode on


Anthony Bourdain:  I saw the Liberia episode


Bryan: (laugs)


Anthony Bourdain:  It was a little lurid but it wasn’t false.  It was..


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Anthony Bourdain:  It was a true picture of you know.. told the truth about Liberia for sure


Joe Rogan: That’s a great way to describe it. I mean they obviously went after the Jews but I mean


Anthony Bourdain:  If you’re looking for Jews, you’ll find I mean the General…I think they’re with General Buckley


Joe Rogan: Butt naked.


#person (General Butt Naked)


Anthony Bourdain: yeah


Joe Rogan: Folks who don’t know who he is, he’s a guy who shoot, goes into battle naked


Anthony Bourdain:  Except for his boots


Joe Rogan: Except for his boots and..


Anthony Bourdain: and his naked egg


Joe Rogan: And he killed the enemies’ babies.  And he drinks their blood.  Because he thinks it makes him a imortal.  And he has admitted this


Anthony Bourdain:  Bad times


Joe Rogan: He’s crazy


Anthony Bourdain:  So.. so..  yeah


Joe Rogan: And now he’s a preacher


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah. I thought he was in the government.  Actually he’s a preacher now


Joe Rogan: I believe he’s a preacher.  Yeah


Anthony Bourdain:  It’s a very surreal. Uhm, in many ways the history of that country resembles a really bad acid trip.  You know. you know mensenesk?  [manumission]

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