Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Anthony Bourdain:  but these were just drunk aztecs. they were just heckling for the.. coz there was.. they were drunk. they were friendly hecklers.


Joe Rogan: right


Anthony Bourdain:  but i’ve just never.. i never contended with that. that is.. that’s a skill, you gotta learn quick.


Joe Rogan: yeah. when i started out doing really bad clubs. i did a lot of strip clubs. where i did.. i guested or rather emceed a jack n jill strip club in Moon Socket, Rhode Island where the guy would strip and a girl would strip. I’ve done some horrible, horrible places and when you do a lot of bars, and a lot of comedy nights in bars, you gonna get hecklers.


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah.. that way.. it’s all good, i mean


Joe Rogan: it’s fun.


Anthony Bourdain:  it’s fun, it’s exhausting


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Anthony Bourdain:  it’s a rush for sure

Joe Rogan: yeah.  when you have the perfect word to say and the heckler gets shut down, everybody starts (laughs), tell me if that doesn’t feel like the most awesome shit ever


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah, that’s nice


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Anthony Bourdain:  you get a bit


Joe Rogan: thank you very much for doing this man, this is fun as hell.


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah, i can do this all night


Joe Rogan: We really enjoyed it man. thank you very much


Anthony Bourdain:  Thank you.


Joe Rogan:This is a, this has been a dream come true, man. thank you very much coz I’m a huge fan of your show when I  geeked out when I met you at Vegas. so I was cool as fuck having you on the show.


Bryan:    thank you man


Joe Rogan: Thank you to the Fleshlight for sponsoring the podcast.  If you go to, click on the link for the fleshlight, enter in the code name Rogan and you get a 15% off the number one sex toy for men. and you got a bunch of new dates, you can find them all at we’re coming to watch the DC, Denver, Houston, Ontario California and New Orleans. Thank you everybody. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next week.




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