Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: Did the Magic Bullet theory bother you at all?


Anthony Bourdain:  I think when you talk, and I have talked to people, who have served in combat for a long time. The story of the buddy who gets around to the front of his helmet, it travels around sub-continously around the skull, and enters out the back, without hurting the guy is. Everybody’s got


Joe Rogan: Shit happens.


Anthony Bourdain:  Shit happens. I’m.. I’m willing to believe that magical theory


Joe Rogan: I’ll be  willing to believe except for the fact that they came up with it because a guy got hit with a richochet under the bridge.  So they had to attribute everything to 3 shots and i was like, God that seems fucking shitty lies


Anthony Bourdain:  I don’t what they call, but when you eliminate all the other suspects, ah, you know, you’re left with the likely truth. I think and to my satisfaction you kinda eliminated the other suspects


Joe Rogan: Woody Harrelson’s dad didn’t have any part of it on the grassy knoll


Anthony Bourdain:  (laughs)


Joe Rogan: Wasn’t he like proven to be one of the shooters?


Anthony Bourdain:  No.. No. you know


Joe Rogan: wasn’t that a part of it?


Anthony Bourdain:  yes, of course, but Howard Hunt was supposed to be there


Joe Rogan: yes


Anthony Bourdain: but, you know, everybody’s there


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Anthony Bourdain:  it’s like a Ronald Mcdonald is there


Joe Rogan: (laughs) why is that so sexy?


Anthony Bourdain:  oh


Joe Rogan: why is it so sexy?


Anthony Bourdain:  I want to believe it so badly, so badly


Joe Rogan: 10 foot Lochness monster, UFOs, Kennedy the whole deal


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah


Joe Rogan: it’s way more fun to think that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy


Anthony Bourdain:  but remember he was a really interesting guy if you.. I think the book that got it close, got it most right. uh, was  a work of fiction Libra by Donna __Lala.#book where it gets inside Oswald’s head. I mean Oswald was a guy who, who uh, his favorite show as a teenager was I Led 3 Lives by an undercover FBI agent.# He was an intelligent, he was a spy junkie. In today’s world, he would have been a gamer. you know,


Joe Rogan: a nutty gamer


Anthony Bourdain:  he wanted to be.. he was a guy who kinda wanted to be a.. to do big things and he tried, very hard. He wanted to be super secret KGB agent, he wanted super secret you know, wanted to be marine. He probably volunteered for the FBI a couple of times. He was just a guy who wanted to do something big. uhm. So I don’t have a problem buying it


Joe Rogan: I see no problem with the allegations of them fixing autopsy photos


Anthony Bourdain:  I have problems with all of it, because I have lost it in for 10 years.  But the Kennedy family had very good reason to ask for,  You know, the brain.  I mean he had Addison’s disease and the implications of Addison’s disease towards the Kennedy history were not favorable. you know, apparently, I dunno but apparently it has been said that he had multiple bouts of siphyllis this is.. you know, you don’t want. the family didn’t want the pres..


Joe Rogan: right


Anthony Bourdain:  they don’t want this part of the record.


Joe Rogan: multiple bouts of syphilis. holla out yo boy!


Anthony Bourdain:  the days were

Joe Rogan: those were the days


Anthony Bourdain:  he took amphetamines in large doses, in early in this point. who knows what he did


Joe Rogan: really?


Anthony Bourdain: he had a doctor Max Jacobson, I believe was the name he did have a doctor who would shoot him with vitamin, i think Vitamin B12 and amphetamine according to one of the


Joe Rogan: B12 mixed with speed. that’s how that dude was rocking it

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