Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: what kind of clearance did you have to get?


Anthony Bourdain:  They tried, of course.  You know they were definitely, concerned of who we will be talking to and what they might say.  But, but, you know.  Everybody has to be careful on what they say.  Everybody changes their behavior when they talk to you to a certain extent.  You dont bring up certain subjects, because they’re gonna worry.


Joe Rogan:  does the government have any say? do they pull you they say.. how are you gonna show Cuba?


Anthony Bourdain:   We have to arrange all of this through the government. I mean nothing happened.  You’re not running around Cuba with the television crew, without the government becomeing involved.


Joe Rogan: right


Anthony Bourdain:  whether you know it or not.


Joe Rogan: but like  did you get involved in any of the questions that they ask about the.. Cause your, you obviously have a major,creative influence over the show


Anthony Bourdain:  No. they don’t they don’t.  We’re not making any show.. ever. where the nation or the local police or any other person has final cut or approval of what we’re showing.  No. you obviously have approval of what we’re allowed to shoot.  But how we edit that back in new york, about what we say.  You know, you’re on your own. it’s done. you signed a release that ain’t never, ever, ever gonna happen.


Joe Rogan: Did they express any concern about any of that.? Cause it seems like Cuba is very touchy


Anthony Bourdain:  they were very. I think they were very shrewd about tourism.  They understand what it is that people want to see in Cuba.  Which is the old Cuba of a, of Godfather 2.  That’s what we wanna see. and it’s still there.  And they’ve been really smart about not fucking that up.  So these aren’t stupid and unsophisticated people you’re Commie functionaries.  They understand they have a problem. I think everybody understands that the regime is. you know.  Things are gonna change. I think people, everybody are holding their breath in the country waiting to see what happens next.  And I think what happens next is completely and blindingly obvious to everyone I mean.


Joe Rogan:  Castro dies and they open everything up.


Anthony Bourdain:   yeah yeah pretty.. pretty damn quick


Joe Rogan: And everything gets better, way better for the Cuban people. sort of.. sort of..


Anthony Bourdain:  we can. yes, I assume


Joe Rogan: you gonna lose certain things though, you gonna lose those guys arguing.  That gives you llcense to argue.


Anthony Bourdain:  Its easy for me to say. I really don’t wanna see a brand new Holiday Inn on the waterfront of, of the Malacon in Havana.  Because it’s from the most beautiful stretches of anywhere…anywhere. uhm, but that’s easy for me to say. I’m not Cuban, I didn’t lose my home. I, you know, you know, I have to say.. I, I had no moral problems going to Cuba. Let’s put it that way. Uhm, but I’ve since met a lot of my Miami-Cubans who take a very different view of going to Cuba. Uhm, and it is pointed out to me one guy came up to me, and we were shooting in his restaurant and it was a complete coincidence after our Cuba show there. This guy was pissed. uh, it clearly had been a big issue with his house. Uhm. He was really struggling to contain his anger and be courteous which he was incredibley courteous.  And it was, he said I just need you to look at this picture. A picture of his Dad who ran.. basically ah, he sold fish and so. I always thought that you know people lost to their homes and ran off to Miami.  You know, where all the rich and  you know, the the bastards basically. You know.  This was, what this man was telling me was that my father was an ordinary businessman.  You know, who work hard, selling fish, catching fish and selling fish and they took his business and his livelihood.  Uhm, that’s something, you know it was a very hard show to balance, lets put it that way.

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