Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: and would you have to go on to some similar arrangement if you were ever have to go to the Congo? would you have to go with an arrangement with the rebels?


Anthony Bourdain:  good, good question.. well, who’s the rebel? I say there’s a


Joe Rogan: what’s that even mean


Anthony Bourdain:  well, there are a lot of different, there a lots of, various malicious…


Joe Rogan: yeah


Anthony Bourdain:  for sure yeah, you get asked youryself that all the time.but in the same way, when people are trying to be really be nice to you in countries where you’re not free to speak your mind, Cuba would be an example. uh, you know, China. Up in the Tibetan border


Joe Rogan: Now when you…


Anthony Bourdain:  you have to understand that when you’re talking to people on camera,  Who let you into their homes and they fed you and you know.. and they’ve been maybe, a little more frank with you on a personal level.  Then they’re probably supposed to as government functionaries. uhm.. When they’re good to you and everything they said was gonna happen, happen the way it was supposed to, they didnt’ they weren’t too clumsy and they didnt try to handfist you. Basically, we get to go back to New York.  They have to stay there. so if go back and start, criticizing as severerly as I might. It’s something I always have to weight.  All the people who were good to me in this countries.  They will be in a very bad place. If I go back to New York and make this really, make this show all about China and Tibet. I may have my opinions on it. But for the sake of the people I leave behind, I’m not shooting my mouth up. I can say what I want about China anytime I want.


Joe Rogan: and you have to


Anthony Bourdain:  and I suffer no consequences. Anyone who has ever nice to us will be suspect.  If I were to start really going off a tension, on the issue, on the show that these people help me make.  Same in Cuba.. you do make certain compromises because people are straight with you, as they can be.  Uhm.  They do the best by you. They are people who are nice, in the senses and humorous trying to do the best they can. Whether you agree with their system or despise it. Uhm.  At the end of the day, you gotta ask yourself.  Do I really wanna put.. you know.  It might make more entertaining or truthful television.  But they’re gonna be in a fucking cell.  For the crime of being nice to me, or being honest with me.  That’s something we have to ask ourselves all the time.


Joe Rogan: well, I know you couldn’t put that in a show. like the show on Cuba.  But is there anything you can talk about?


Anthony Bourdain:   Well, I could have gone on, and on. and on. but you know.  The history of the regime and what they’ve done


Joe Rogan: right.. tight


Anthony Bourdain:  many of them incredibly unpleasant to say the least.  Uhm.  I didn’t make the show about that. I kept a very, I try very hard to keep the focus on does it look pretty? Is it worth looking at?  Is the food good?  Are the people nice?  They were. Uhm, Really tried to avoid any politics at all but


Joe Rogan: it was amazing, it was political…


Anthony Bourdain: its always political when you sit down to eat.  Cause the fact that they’re not eating much beyond rice and beans, that is already a political statement.  You know, that says a lot more about a culture than what they want you to see.  It’s dangerous information.  But there it is.


Joe Rogan: so were they allowed to complain about that at all.  Were they cautious about doing that.  Did they made sure that, they didn’t say anything that could into troube with the goverment or something.


Anthony Bourdain:   No they let us shoot, they let us shoot pretty much anything.  Anything that we ask to shoot they let us shoot. I think they trust. They clearly trusted us.  They saw us show certain parts of the world in a relatively, non-judgemental way and they foolishly or not.  Shrewdly or foolishly there will be difference in opinion i’m sure for whatever reason they trusted us to come, and they pretty much let us wander around shooting.

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