Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah, it makes no sense all.  Plus we make some, we grow such good weed in this country. it will be a huge and major export. I mean who grows better weed than us?


Joe Rogan:  nobody. there’s no better pot than this Southern California assholes. this guys assholes.. I’m saying with all love. they, what they’ve did, done now is incredible. look at this shit. This is a marijuana electric cigarette. (puffs)


Bryan:  perfect for playing bathrooms


Joe Rogan: you can smoke this on a plane.


Anthony Bourdain:  wow. it’s one of those electronic cigarettes and it’s got weed in it. they’re fucking scientists.


Anthony Bourdain:  wow


Joe Rogan: they’re taking it to the next level BUT


Anthony Bourdain:  science is great.


Joe Rogan: it’s amazing. but unfortunately, they’re still getting arrested for it. there’s still people are getting.. Apparently Obama said he’s only gonna go after people who violate both federal and state law. But I dunno if that’s been.  Its probably pretty easy to violate state law too.


Anthony Bourdain: Yeah, I think we should.. if we gotta do it. if we gonna allow people to smoke weed. then we should be making money out of it

Bryan:  fuck yes


Anthony Bourdain:  as a nation


Joe Rogan: yeah..


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah, selling.. selling.. serious weight to like Europe and


Joe Rogan: do you ever go to Mexico?


Anthony Bourdain:  uhm.. yeah.. I love Mexico.


Joe Rogan: do you ever go to like border towns?


Anthony Bourdain:  I’ve been


Joe Rogan: I mean. I mean, what are, what are like the situation now, with Juarez?


Anthony Bourdain:  actually we just did a show.. we just did a show there.. I mean yeah. and it’s crazy. you know what we would consider apocalyptic violence.  I mean I think more people have been killed in Mexico during in the drug wars, than, than you know.. both gulf wars and afghanistan. I mean it’s some spectacular number of people.


Joe Rogan: as far as


Anthony Bourdain:  it’s water down in


Joe Rogan: american troops


Anthony Bourdain:  in huge numbers. uhm what you know. I have not a clue what to do. uhm.. you know it doesn’t help that, you know, we’re selling them guns. But ah, there’s no doubt that people that they would get them from somewhere. uhm, i’ve never had, I’ve never seen it. the many times I’ve been in Mexico.


Bryan:  what’s your favorite place in Mexico?


Anthony Bourdain:  I love Puebla,  I love..


Joe Rogan: so you mean you’ve never seen any drug violence at all?


Anthony Bourdain:  I have not seen up close drug violence. I’ve been in really drug, I’ve been in like super druggie neighborhoods in Fabelas in Brazil and elsewhere. but


Joe Rogan: but not in Mexico

Anthony Bourdain:  I was with the local dealer,


Joe Rogan: right, right..


Anthony Bourdain:  that’s why i’m saying, I mean


Joe Rogan: but does that work in Mexico. could you do something.. would you be


Anthony Bourdain:  could you could safely go to a cartel, cartel neighborhood with a cartel guy. man, the


Joe Rogan: whooo (whistles)


Anthony Bourdain:  level of violence there is so spectacular there that I wouldn’t want to be complacent, you know what I mean.


Joe Rogan: yeah


Anthony Bourdain:  if you’re currently, you know.. jabbing people’s heads off, by the dozens, you know, it’s another, it’s one thing.


Joe Rogan: have you ever been around someone like that in another country?


Anthony Bourdain:  i’ve met people, i’ve met people and done scenes in my show.  With people who have done very, very bad things in their lives. no questions about it. uhm, they were not currently at the  time of the show.  Other than you know, there was some low level guys for sure.  Who clearly were drug dealers.  They set them up saying “can you please shoot just this side of the street.  Cause this side is my drug operation.”  You make, you make a consessions.  Compromises. Morally and otherwise you take advantage of the situation like that.  The only way that you can shoot the neighborhood is that, to have a local drug dealer hold your hand.  That’s what you do.   Or you choose not to depending.  And in mexico the level of violence is so spectacular.  And they see presumably the major dealers out there killing large numbers of people in a regular, or ongoing basis. I would feel bad.  That’s not an arrangement I entered in.

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