Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: yeah, it is a unique position in being a bartender.  To be the sober person serving everyone drinks while they’re all just falling apart, and talking


Anthony Bourdain:  it gets to some.. it gets to some because it’s fun.. it gets to some people. I knew a bartender who uh.. i’ve been drinking with him. I do my shift drink with him after I work at one service. and this guy was telling me. You know after 10-12 years business, I don’t know if I could do this much longer. I just don’t know if I could do it. and I said, why? said, watch this.. he takes 3 glasses and presses him in a sponge and rinse them with Kosher salt and puts them under the bar. a lady comes in, sits down “I like a salty dog.”  he pours this salty dog. she drinks it. ah.. she orders another. she sets a second glass for her. uh.. she drinks then she gets “ok now that’s enough for me.”  Gets up makes it halfway to the door. Looks at the ground. Second thought. Goes back to the bar orders a 3rd.  Point is, he had the 3 glasses ready. he knew this, this is an alcohol.  You know, i’m helping her on her way.  To her ultimate destruction and I just.   I can’t hack it, you know. I have too many customers like this. you know.


Joe Rogan: well ultimately if you’re in the bar every night.  you know. bars are great once a week. bars are great once a month. If, you know. Months and months and you stay healthy


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah


Joe Rogan: and you’re feeling good, your immune system’s up, you’ve been eating vitamins and eating well. Lets just gets fucked up. Let’s do it. C’mon everything’s good! But you doing that every night.


Anthony Bourdain:  oh, dude, i know, it will kill you.  Nightclubs real fast, working  in a night club. I worked at night club and that was. I will never. I mean, never again. you know. And it plays some.. doog.. doog.. in the background.. I’m already out the door.


Joe Rogan: yeah. yeah. I did some security work at a concert center in Massachusetts, Great Woods. You gotta see people at night.  Really young concerts. these people fucked up in the crowd. I would never want to be a part of anything like that ever. I knew that at like 19. I gotta get the fuck outta here.


Anthony Bourdain:   this place I worked, they were sued like, 2-3 times a week which you, I guess you are.. when you’re in the night club business. it’s always some boneheads, you know, who come in pick a fight. bounces from out, already there’s a lawsuit. Doesn’t mean its a credible one, but people are gonna be suing you. Your ah, competition. gonna be suing you. The fire department is gonna be harrasing you. it’s just brutal.


Joe Rogan: it’s just amazing that  people can to sell alcohol at all. it’s amazing, you know, that people can afford to have bars. they can afford to sell alcohol at all.  Because you would think that people getting drunk would cause so many fucking problems they can be sued for


Anthony Bourdain:  Just it was, it was an education.  Ah, it was 2 years at his very busy nightclub. Its  just the stuff that people would be, leave in them in the bathrooms.  Or try to flush down the toilet.  The night clean up guy would always come by the kitchen with this discoveries, the night before.


Joe Rogan: (laughs)


Anthony Bourdain:  you know, it was a fuckin’ artificial limb. yeah..oh my god!  The womens rooms were actually  always worst, way worst.  The people are like just doing. I mean there is incredible, you know, horrifying, you know museum in there. That tells a story of human behavior. and you just don’t wanna know.


Joe Rogan: it’s fucking alcohol man.  Wind them up and set them loose


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah.


Joe Rogan: I had a buddy who did his residency in MiamI.  And he said that on Friday and Saturday nights, people would come in with light bulbs up their asses. it’s just.. impossible things you know.. just mostly shoved up their asses. bullet holes.  People just didn’t.. just popping off.  Its really truly is amazing you can sell alcohol but you can’t sell weed.  What a beautiful thing they’ve done.

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