Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: phewwwwwwwwwww


Anthony Bourdain:  it’s basically if we stop fighting this week. next week, your welcome in my house and we’ll hang out and we talk shop. we’ll get fucked up.


Joe Rogan: wow


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah


Joe Rogan: wow


Anthony Bourdain:  generally speaking. i mean. so that’s a place where. people have been really hospitable and i didn’t expect. ah, a lot of places, you know.  We shot in fabelas in Rio.  And basically, you know, very poor, very crime ridden areas of ah Rio and ah Buenos Aires. But see, I sort of have to hook up with a local crime guy, you know.  Whoever, the mayor of the block is..


Joe Rogan: the fixer?


Anthony Bourdain:  no, no, no.. this is.. our fixer will contact them. You want to shoot in this area? You’re gonna need somebody.  A local godfather or the, the head of the crew or whoever controls that area, in the real world.  You have to contac them and say, listen we want to make a point at coming at you, showing you respect. Offering you a few dollars cause its never about the money.  you know..  and we’ll got to walk around and shoot your whole area of your city, without fear of being shot or stabbed or robbed.  And uhm, we do that again and again. again, we just show the respect of acknowledging. For better or worse you are the boss of this neighborhood, and we’re gonna show you respectin front of your neighbors.  And you will keep us from getting shot


Bryan:  wow


Anthony Bourdain:  while we’re shooting in your neigborhood.  But again its, its just about. you know.  We’re not paying people.  It’s people who are proud of their food.  Chances are they’re proud of their neighborhood.  Proud of their friends. If somebody expresses interest in telling a story or showing the world what they do.. particularly if there’s food involved.  A local beverage.  Chances are you gonna have a good time. Your gonna be treated well in this world.


Joe Rogan: one of the most kinda heartwarming


Joe Rogan: one of the most kinda heartwarming really cool homey moments was when you’re in Naples and that guy took you into his house for Sunday dinner


Anthony Bourdain:  right


Joe Rogan:and sort of last minute thing


Anthony Bourdain: oh it was totally last minute, our fixer had hooked us up with a family.  You know. I have a friend of a friend, and that fell through at the last minute. and you know literally, I mean the car of my driver.  Dude just go over to my mother’s house.


Joe Rogan: (laugs)


Anthony Bourdain: My mother will cook for you. Sure she’ll be on tv. I tell her tomorrow.


Joe Rogan: it was perfect.


Anthony Bourdain:  It was, the minute we walked in, I knew this woman is like made for television. she was just so completely real and awesome and tough.  She is like chain smoking while she’s cooking, stirring the sauce.


Joe Rogan: (laughs) she has this way of talking


Anthony Bourdain:  she had boiling, nyeeehhh


Joe Rogan: ehhhh.. laugh.. she’s talking about the sauce… nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh


Anthony Bourdain:  she was so amazing.


Joe Rogan: oh.. man that was yeah, You couldn’t put that in an Adam sandler’s movie. people would think you’ll be over the top. (laughs)


Anthony Bourdain:  it’s really great that when you get lucky.  When you’re shooting and something really amazing happens you meet.


Joe Rogan: And the food looked fucking jammin’.. the way that meat was boiling and that sauce..ughh! oh.. it was bubbling and you know it was on for hours.. you know it was just, just melt in your mouth.


Anthony Bourdain:  that show, was one of those, where totally did not suck making that show.


Bryan:  yeah.


Anthony Bourdain:  you know, we all.  and everybody in the crew gained like 5 lbs.


Joe Rogan: I gained 5 pounds watching your fucking shows. I eat at night when everybody’s asleep.  That’s when I watch your show, I cook something and I sit in front of your show and eat way more than I should

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