Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: the inning?


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah we’ve had.. we had difficulties


Joe Rogan: really?


Anthony Bourdain:  but we got a shot.


Joe Rogan: what about the chick fillet guy? ever try to shoot at his place?


Bryan:  haha..


Joe Rogan: he’s a guy that doesn’t open on sunday.because it’s the Lord’s day. All he Chick Fillets are closed on Sundays. Because that’s the Lord’s Day.


Anthony Bourdain: hmm, i may kinda voting by, by what eating you chicken.. you know what i mean


Joe Rogan: oh yeah.. does it really matter?


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah..right


Joe Rogan: does it really matter.


Anthony Bourdain:   i dunno. i mean it’s just a real evil corporation you know.. you know that they’re like.. you know that all of their products are, made by, you know, prison children somewhere


Joe Rogan:  right, yes


Bryan:  like that matters, yeah


Joe Rogan: but the chick fillet guy believe in the baby jesus. you know he doesn’t wanna work on sunday. who gives a shit.


Anthony Bourdain:  oh yeah. i think the In N Out Burger guys are.. there was a religious component to the company at some certain point


Joe Rogan: really?


Anthony Bourdain:  underlying philosophy. but the point is they comparingly created this like pretty, pretty cool business model for fastfood and it’s an issue i that think about a lot because i.. i dunno some.. i dunno which economist. somebody said.  Somebody  smarter than me. you know. In another 15 years.. we’re gonna be a country.  Everybody is gonna be selling cheeseburgers to each other.. that would be


Joe Rogan:  hahah


Anthony Bourdain:  what americans do.we don’t make anything anymore, really. Manufacturing has dropped to nothing. We’re into making, you know,  Transformer 7 and uh.. and uh.. you know selling each other burgers.


Joe Rogan: before the economy even collapsed.. Putin was qouted saying the american economy.  It seems all they do is sell houses to each other.


Anthony Bourdain:  oh he’s right about that.


Joe Rogan:  he’s fucking right about that


Anthony Bourdain:   i mean, truthfully, though, our waters are i think what.. our best export you know are


Joe Rogan:  is war


Anthony Bourdain:  honestly, no. it’s culture.


Joe Rogan: culture?


Anthony Bourdain:  it is..


Joe Rogan: well, war is pretty close second.. hahah.


Anthony Bourdain:  i think you know music.. uhh


Joe Rogan: yeah for sure


Anthony Bourdain:  music tv


Joe Rogan: and comedies


Anthony Bourdain:  it is, it is our most powerful


Joe Rogan: yeah


Anthony Bourdain:  weapon.  and it is our most powerful. i think it’s what we do best. you know for better or worst i mean.


Joe Rogan: i agree a hundred percent especially. you know television and films. I mean you know. As opposed to other countries. Every now and then another countery make a good movie.  But goddamn, there’s a giant chunk of it comes from this fuckin wacky place.


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah


Joe Rogan: do you ever go someplace where you go ooh.. being from america might be kinda touchy here?


Anthony Bourdain:  uhm, there have been places where i thought that was gonna happen. Where in fact we were treated really, really really well.


Joe Rogan: like where? where’d you were?


Anthony Bourdain:  uhm Everywhere in  Arab world.  The hospitaliy is been unbelievable. Saudi Arabia I was.. yeah, aprehensive. They take, a lot of Saudis take.. have a very different view of the world than I do for sure. uhm.. But no, i think everywhere I’ve been. Again it’s kinda about the people who’ve incredibly hospitable in places that I didn’t expect.  upfront that were having a particular love for Americans. Vietnamese were incredible from the first time I went there. uhm. you know a lot of bad history there.  I even ask at one point. I turned to somebody that was with us.  Aren’t you guys pissed? you know. Aren’t you cranky about anything?


Joe Rogan: yeah


Anthony Bourdain:  they like.. you know. don’t flatter yourself dude.  you know, life’s hard out here. you know. bef.. don’t consider yourself special.  Since you, we fought the Chinese. the Cambodian, the chinese again before you.. there was the french, the japanese.. uh.. the chinese.. We’ve been in war for 600 years. you know.. you were only around for x. so they take a real professional account of… long view.

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