Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Anthony Bourdain:   i said i’ll be shocked in a way if Bill Clinton hadn’t done acid


Bryan:   oh no.he must have done it, definitely. he’s still does


Joe Rogan: yeah, that was all that nonsense that he didn’t inhale.


Bryan:   yeah, i dont know man..


Joe Rogan:  back in the day. but you know after he’s.. i did not have sex with that  woman. All that.  I did not inhale. Really lost a lot of weight.


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah, i’ll never forgive him for that action. its just you know.. i don’t i don’t care you know, everything that he was accused of was uhm.. i’m pretty okay with.  Treating me like an idiot though.


Joe Rogan:  yeah.


Anthony Bourdain:  i really found unforgivable. you know.


Joe Rogan: it’s..


Anthony Bourdain:   i really found that despicable. i can  really, never forgive. i did not have sex. you know.. that was


Joe Rogan: that’ soo..  technically you know


Anthony Bourdain:  that’s just so bad


Joe Rogan: what i understand as sexual relations.. as what i understand the term to be.


Anthony Bourdain:  i’m, i’m… for me it’s unforgivable


Joe Rogan:  yeah.. i also wish he had stepped up and said it’s not your fucking business. i wish he said this is a ridiculous private matter and you’re trying to make it a big circus


Anthony Bourdain:   its really amazing like. it seems like the smarter you are. the higher you are in the public eye, the more powerful you are more lkely you are. to behave like the stupidest person that ever be on like on Law and Order.  you know


Bryan:  (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Anthony Bourdain:  (laughs)


Joe Rogan: its like 20 year old girls


Anthony Bourdain:  did you do not say in previous deposition that you did not.. and yet.. haha.. readily available to these, to your arresting officers.  you know. it was so. they believe there was some alternate reality, you know exists. once you inquire you got their hooks in you. it’s time to let it hang out.. you know


Joe Rogan:  i think certain people become delusional when they hit a certain level of noteriety like. president of the united states. i mean that level must be so intoxicating. and when you’re already kind of crazy which most people are.  Run to become president of first place. You gotta be at least a little bit fucking crazy. Then all of a sudden, your are there.  And the whole world is paying attention on your every move.  It feels like you stick your dick in someone’s mouth. So what’s the big deal?


Anthony Bourdain:   i’d be a…


Joe Rogan:  stick it in there. (laugs)


Anthony Bourdain:   i was thinking of my first order.. my first thing in office.. you know i’m the president is.. i would make sure there was an In ‘N Out Burger in New York City. You would need many chains. many outlets of In ‘N Out Burger.


Joe Rogan: you’re that much of a fan of In ‘N Out Burger?


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah. i would ah, some.. i would use the power of the government to make sure that happens


Joe Rogan:  you love them that much?


Anthony Bourdain:  it’s.. it’s i’m bitter that we don’t have them in New York.


Bryan:   really?


Joe Rogan: do you ever have.. do you have 5 Guys? 5 Guys burgers?


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah i think we do


Joe Rogan: 5 Guys Burgers pretty fuckin good.


Anthony Bourdain:  i’m a sentimental guy. But it’s exotic to me


Joe Rogan:  really?


Anthony Bourdain:   i mean i know there’s better burgers out there but there’s something i like about it.


Joe Rogan: you just get hooked on certain tastes.


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah, i kinda like that their.. their.. the their business model that goes it’s a cent and gets the grain.


Joe Rogan: yeah, it’s good business’s kinda interesting.


Anthony Bourdain:  we always tried to shoot there and they never let us like shoot

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