Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan:(laughs)


Anthony Bourdain: so nobody’s so coffee houses were the first place in europe where people would sit around in a state of sobriety, and it’s tend, tend people people to do, that when you’re sober, you notice shit. you know, like hey have you noticed our government is like really fucking us?


Joe Rogan:hahahaha..


Anthony Bourdain: so the government was right of course. Cause this was the first time, that where people are actually drinking a beverage and hanging out with their wits about them, and that was seen as a real dangerous thing. food for thought.


Joe Rogan:that’s fascinating. well, that’s exactly what’s going on with marijuana in this country. they’re trying to keep that away from people and good, good percentage of it is that they’re worried about people waking up. they’re worried about people


Anthony Bourdain: if i was like you know. if i was president and wanted to be like re-elected for this and i was a really bad president or or i’ll want people to slunk you know know basically, who smokes weed o generally we’re talking


Bryan: everybody


Anthony Bourdain: yeah. everybody.


Joe Rogan:in California, everybody


Anthony Bourdain: yeah. but people are smoking i mean


Bryan: yeah. back home.. every e every kid..


Anthony Bourdain: you got a correlation between weed smoking and voting


Bryan: yeah


Anthony Bourdain: frequency of voting. that’s what i’m wondering.


Joe Rogan:the only way


Anthony Bourdain: you know like the people.. is there a huge iflate factor


Joe Rogan:oh for sure


Anthony Bourdain: you know.. its like.. some comedian was talking about this.. i dunno who did it. it was  a little bit of the. uh.. but whatever it’s been never been. never will be voted in as legal because the most fervent supporters will freak out to show off.


Bryan: yeah


Anthony Bourdain: but i don’t know who said it. it’s reallly fuck.


Joe Rogan:yeah.. that is true. a good percentage. where you know.. my take on the amount of potheads that are useless just like my take on the amount of regular people that are useless. there’s a certain percentage where it’s 20 or 30 or if you’re pessimistic up to 50% of people that are just fucking useless and it doesn’t matter if you give them marijuana. it doesn’t matter if you get them drunk. they just low watt brains.


Anthony Bourdain: yeah, coz i think


Joe Rogan:there’s a certain percentage


Anthony Bourdain: to change the law. you need a hundred percent turnout.


Joe Rogan:yeah.


Anthony Bourdain: that’s gonna be tough.


Joe Rogan:but i’ve had some people that i know. that have gotten to pot like late in life and it’s completely changed the way they look at things. like for the better. you know it helps them… like what are you having Smith?  I never start smoking weed. until 3 years  ago.


Bryan: look at you.


Joe Rogan:look at me..


Anthony Bourdain: i..i.. gotta give a lot of public figures that who have probably benefitted from early useless psychedelics


Joe Rogan: unquestionably, i mean  Steve Jobs has always talks about that. that you know one of the most powerful experiences in his life, was tripping on acid.


Anthony Bourdain:   i think someone responded well. i think John McCain would be different and more, more interesting person if he done acid at some point in his life.


Joe Rogan: oh for sure.


Anthony Bourdain:  yeah


Joe Rogan:  for sure. he wouldn’t be so scared. he would have a different outlook


Anthony Bourdain:  others would get, others i would really`about.  I would really worry about giving Michelle Bachman acid.


Joe Rogan:  Bryan:   (laughs)


Anthony Bourdain:  that’s some squeaky frown shit, right there


Joe Rogan:  i wouldn’t worry giving his husband acid.


Anthony Bourdain:   oh man.


Joe Rogan: acid and viagra and then run. hahha


Bryan:  but i would like to do acid with Bill Clinton.


Joe Rogan: dude, d’you know who Michelle Bachman’s  husban is.  Do you know what we’re talking about?

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