Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Anthony Bourdain: Yeah


Joe Rogan:Was that legit?


Anthony Bourdain: Yeah, i did.  You know. i’ve taken a lot of LSD early on in my life so by the time I took Iowaska for the first time, uhm so i was like kinda, it was for me it was like ecstasy in the sense that sitting around waiting to get off.


Bryan: It didn’t work?


Anthony Bourdain: It did but it was like, big deal, you know.LSD, now that’s the drug.

Bryan: right
Anthony Bourdain: you know


Joe Rogan:think about


Anthony Bourdain: that was my.. that was my.. that was my experiece.


Joe Rogan:i think you got some low level shit and sometimes they do that. i’ve always heard that from Iowas-karoes that they water the stuff that they give to the Gringos. they don’t want anybody going crazy running through the woods seeing dragons, flying fucking serpents and UFOs and shit. But everybody that i know that’s taken it.. that’s taken legit doses had crazy, psychedelic vision.


Anthony Bourdain: yeah i mean. i mean in this experience where there’s cottage, you know, a cottage,it’s a shack up on stilts as i recall  out in the middle of a jungle and yeah, it’s like on about 4 hours, 6 hours by boat from any place. like resembling a place of the hospital.. uhmm.. no lights, uhm so i went in on the experience with the expectation that it would be like the book. where i’d be crawling around naked in the jungle you know. shitting and puking for 6 hours before i discover my spirit animal


Joe Rogan:Bryan: hahahaha


Anthony Bourdain: so this is what i thought i was going in to. uhmm.. well honestly, i mean you know i got off. but seriously.. but but it wasn’t like a.. acid.


Bryan: right


Joe Rogan:so they gave you a weak dose


Anthony Bourdain: yeah i been i gather.. you know , i didn’t shit myself so it’s win-win.


Joe Rogan:hahaaha..


Bryan: how deep are you in acid like many hits or were you a 1 or 2 or did you like,  cause i used to hang out with guys that i took 11 hits. and i mean like, what?!?


Anthony Bourdain: no, i’m not one of these guys who’ll sit around and like, you know take in too much. i mean, you know when it’s enough.


Joe Rogan:right


Bryan: do you make your mushrooms into a risotto first or do you do anything fancy?


Anthony Bourdain: uh, back in the day..we did marinate the mushrooms in  honey i think. we marinated them in honey overnight or longer and then i would mix it in big pot of hot tea and the whole kitchen would be drinking this tea all along


Bryan: yes….. oh you marinate it in honey. i’ll make it a tea.. that’s my new thing


Anthony Bourdain: i’m not suggesting you do that


Bryan: no no.. no..


Anthony Bourdain: just because we did it


Joe Rogan:you know that’s what they use to preserve mushrooms.. back in the day?


Bryan: honey?


Joe Rogan:yeah, they used to preserve them in honey. they would dry them up and preserve them in honey and they believe that’s one of the ways that people start to getting into alcohol because honey can ferment and become Mead and that you know.. eventually like this is one of Terrence Mckennest’s theories that people went from being intoxicant oriented  like pyschedelic mushrooms to alcohol oriented somehow or another fuck society up. Then one time we got along way better. he has this uh idea..


Anthony Bourdain: i got a great bit of history actually. i was reading my coffee lately.  you know when.. the first coffee house is in England. uhm were quickly declared illegal by the, by the government. they saw this as hot beds and sedition and they close them down. why? because up until that point of history most europeans and most people were, in England would wake up in the morning and drink mead. that’s all they drank all day long. it was basically you know crude beer. homemade beer. uhm so up until this point in history of people starting drinking coffee and this coffee houses everybody in Europe can counted on to be fucked up. all day long.

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