Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: it is fascinating that the trend of reality television took off.  That this idea just following housewives or following guys driving on slippery roads…


Anthony Bourdain: yeah


Joe Rogan:Ice Road Truckers is a show about driving on a slippery road.  How silly is that?  There are auction shows and all these….


Anthony Bourdain:  I don’t know.  I dont know. if it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened in history or the best, you know?


Joe Rogan: It’s weird.  You know, I don’t think it’s the worst or the best.  But it’s definitely weird. Its like..


Anthony Bourdain:  I mean, how can you watch some of those show?  I mean, like Jersey shore.  I can watch only about 10 minutes of it before my eyeballs start to explode.  You know, it’s just too much.  It’s just too… too horrifying and yet fascinating.  So i’m good for 10 minutes, thinking that this is the greatest show that ever existed, after which i just can’t.  It’s too painful.


Joe Rogan: Meanwhile, that’s pretty watered down, you know?  As far as the low-level behavior in this country.  Have you seen The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia?


Anthony Bourdain: No, no.


Joe Rogan: The Johnny Knoxville documentary?  You gotta see it.  It’s awesome.


Anthony Bourdain:  So few of these shows have really any, any relationship to reality at all.  They’ve created this alternate reality where real people are behaving like, you know, soap opera freaks that they’re expected to behave like.  And so your complecity in this whole terrible process of public self-humiliation… ah that’s kind of fascinating.


Joe Rogan:Well, not only that.  They also do these fake tasks, like things happen.  “Oh no, we gotta  get down to DMV or I’m gonna lose my license.”  Sure you are.  What the fuck are you talking about?  Like they orchestrate fake drama and fake things that…


Anthony Bourdain:  Well, I’m waiting for the day, when i get the phone call from my agent saying, “We really think celebrity rehab is a good career move for you right now.”  That says something. At what point does this seem strategically like a good career move, you know, celebrity rehab.


Joe Rogan: Yeah, you gotta be pretty fucked up.  Especially if you’re Eric Roberts, your just, and it’s just weed.  That were.  That kind was the weirdest one.  Cause he got on Celebrity Rehab coz he said he’s having a problem with weed.  And then.  Everybody was shaking like a leaf, throwing  up and things.  He’s having coffee, reading the papers.  There’s is, there is nothing wrong with him.  You don’t need to be here, man.


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah, but he knows the drill, so gotta have at least one freak out during the season.


Joe Rogan: Right. Is that what it is?


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah.  Well, I don’t know.  Those are generally the rules of you know.


Bryan:  You dont get a bonus.  He thinks that it’s just cha-ching cha-ching Wells Fargo.


Joe Rogan: That’s one of the most disturbing shows, Celebrity Rehab.  Very, very, very disturbing.  Hard to watch.


Anthony Bourdain: yeah, would you be depressed though like if you’re agent called and said listen.  Joe got a great offer


Joe Rogan:(laughs)


Anthony Bourdain: Celebrity Rehab.and you’re like.  Wow, what does it say about me.. I would, like go to bathroom and stare in the mirror for a really long time and say


Joe Rogan:Bryan: (laughs)


Anthony Bourdain: Oh fuck, you know.


Joe Rogan:What have i done bad? what have i done?


Anthony Bourdain: Yeah.


Bryan: That’s why it’s good to have friends back home where you’re like freaking out much. oh my god, i’m drinking too much


Anthony Bourdain: Right


Bryan: Would you do.. ahh we got ways to last night black out Fridays, Saturdays Sundays, oh great never mind. I’m fine.


Anthony Bourdain: We totally yeah know our market research has shown us that you know audiences really want more footage of you vomiting.


Bryan: Yeah


Joe Rogan:Well speaking of vomiting had that one episode where you took Iowaska.

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