Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: Beautiful that you think like that.  That’s why you’re you, man.  It’s a beautiful way to think.


Anthony Bourdain:  That is the road to madness and incarceration.


Joe Rogan: Yeah, talking about yourself as an artist, stepping back, and you know, “as an artist, I feel…. as an artist, you know… ever since I’ve been writing books as an artist…”  Yeah its, its really…


Anthony Bourdain:  I don’t see what I do, anything that I do is essentially that much different than standing on a, on a line, one of one chef or cook, among many, you know, making food.  You know, you’re presumably you’re building something or making something as best you can.  You’re showing up at work on time, doing the best job you can.  Hopefully, you’re having fun doing it. Uhm. You know, so they aren’t that different.  I don’t see one telling stories on television or talking about yourself on television… I don’t see it as essentially any different or certainly no better than you know, actually working for a living.


Joe Rogan: Right.  I see what you’re saying.  That you are one of those guys that, you know, you could just be… anyone could know you as that guy that you work with, with this great personality, who’s funny, likes to talk shit about things, kind of an interesting guy.  You know, he could be a TV star.  Someone just put a camera on him.  This guy needs his own reality show.  You know?  I mean, how many people do you know like that?  I’ve known thousands of them.  My friend Johnny B, I used to… my best friend was a professional pool hustler, half-way homeless, so he’s sleeping on my couch, other people’s couches.  And he’s a genius.  You could throw math problems at him, he’d recreate them.  That guy would make a great reality show.


Anthony Bourdain:  I, I think the… if, if television taught us anything. Is that, you know.  Complete mediocrity is enough to have a, your own reality show.  You know.  The.. its.. It’s all about your willingness to play ball.  You look at those kids on Jersey Shore. You know,  Does The Situation like drive a Bentley to work, you know.  And then he sleeps on a cot with a bunch of other boneheads, you know, who he hates.  you know.  you know what i mean?


Bryan: right (laughs)  Joe Rogan:(laughs)


Joe Rogan:Is that how the show really works?  They all hang out together, right?


Bryan:  Yeah, they like all live in one house, right?


Anthony Bourdain:  Well, during shooting season.  The rest, you know… i mean… he’s not taking a moped home.


Joe Rogan: You know, the way I look at him is like… good for him, you know?  What else would they be doing, you know?


Anthony Bourdain:  I see this as a Greek tragedy, actually.


Joe Rogan:(laughs)


Anthony Bourdain: You know. Really, I mean..


Joe Rogan: Really?


Anthony Bourdain:   You know.  The whole dynamic of the show… they’re trying hard.  By now they know the terrible rules of television.  It’s not about looking good.  They got that early on.  You know.  But now, they know how to play ball.  They got a good thing.  They got a good gig.  And, and they’re milking it for as long as they can.  But look at The Real Housewives chain.  You know..  It’s like.. does anyone go into The Real Housewives thinking that they’re gonna look good?  It’s not what the show is about.  It’s about making people sitting on couches, with..  you know.. a bag of chips, saying, “Man, those people are way more fucked up than me.  What have they done to their faces?  Who buys that.. look at those lips!  What human has lips like that?”


Joe Rogan:And that’s the chick who her husband just committed suicide and then his business partner commited suicide, too.


Bryan: (whispering)  Foul play.


Joe Rogan: You think so?


Bryan:  That’s what everyone is saying.


Anthony Bourdain:  It’s all about… you wanna show up for work everyday knowing that your job is… you know, knowing that everyone watching will feel better about themselves, you know, and be snickering at me and my cartoonish behavior.

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