Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Anthony Bourdain:  I, I love it.  Its, its, you know Rio is awesome.  I like El Salvador, ah Bahia in the north, ah that sort of African-heart land of Brazil.  It’s where the food is sort of spiciest and richest, and the most interesting.  You know, it, it just… there’s no culture like it on earth.  Aside from the fighting… It is, I don’t know how anyone could, actually, I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t work or wants to work, when you get to just hearing that music, ah you know, being in a country that beautiful, food that good.  Everybody in that country looks like,  ah you know, attractive or not, everybody in Brazil seems to look like they either just got laid and they’re coming from getting laid, or they’re on their way to getting laid.


Joe Rogan:(laughs)  Anthony Bourdain:  (laughs)


Joe Rogan:ahh thats awesome


Anthony Bourdain:  Its going to the beach in Brazil, it’s amazing because you see people of every size, you know, every hue.  Uhm It just kind of… it’s just the beach culture is, is so awesome.  And there is… I don’t think there’s any country where, a, a people love to seem to like music and dance as, as ferociously.  It’s really tough to not dance in Brazil cause everybody seems to.


Joe Rogan: Wow.  So, is that your favorite country?


Anthony Bourdain: No..


Joe Rogan:is it up there?


Anthony Bourdain: No.. but it is, it is one of my favorite countries.  There’s something really really awesome about Brazil.


Joe Rogan:What’s your favorite?


Anthony Bourdain: My favorite.. I don’t know.  Spain, Spain is really awesome. you know


Joe Rogan:Spain was where you were at that restaurant, El Bulli?  Is that how you say it?


Anthony Bourdain: Yeah, but just about anywhere in Spain, its gonna be a special place with great food, and it’s gonna be beautiful.  Vietnam, I love.  You know i think that, Vietnam resembles all of the places I’ve dreamed about, you know, when I was a little boy.

Joe Rogan:Really?


Anthony Bourdain: The exotic, the exotic East.  Well you know, there is that, the decaying French aspect, ah the Vietnamese, that, that whole part of the world looks to me particularly beautiful.  And ah, they, they like food in a way that.  that I find very sympathetic.  They’re passionate about it.  Uhm so Vietnam, that’s gonna be a sentimental favorite as well.


Joe Rogan:Wow.  So Vietnam, numero uno, huh?  Wow.


Anthony Bourdain: But you’re gonna do worse than, you know, tequilla over after a really good meal, to eat or to die with a big hunk of pork in your mouth in Spain would not be a bad way to go out.


Bryan: (laughs)


Joe Rogan:Anybody that doesn’t appreciate the idea of cooking as an art form should watch that show on El Bulli.  Am I saying it correctly?


Anthony Bourdain: El Bulli, yeah.


Joe Rogan:El Bulli?  That guy, wow, what a fucking wizard.  That guy is.. really intensely creative chef that has this small restaurant in Spain. It was amazing.


Anthony Bourdain: Yeah.  It was basically, it was considered the best restaurant in the world for, for a long time.  It certainly, he was a guy way out in front of everybody else.  Ah.. yeah, that was some good food porn we did.  And I think that was a show I’m really…  it wasn’t often when we got an opportunity to do a show, that might actually mean something in a few years.  And I dont know, we shots.  I think we shot some history in that show.  As the restaurant closed, the same night that i think we aired the show or close to it.  And ah, you know, that is, that’s a true artist.  It was a limited period of time.  And that era’s over, and we managed to get it on, on tape. So that’s something I’m really proud of.


Joe Rogan: I was confused as to what he was doing afterwards.  He was talking about bringing a bunch of people together…


Anthony Bourdain: He started a foundation basically.  Its a think tank essentially.  It’s a creative space where people from all over the world can talk to each other, or meet, or come up with new ideas.  Trippy.`2

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