Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Joe Rogan: And people adapt to those circumstances.  And that’s just the way it is for them


Anthony Bourdain:  Totally. I think it’s a.. you know, because because.. we’re interested principally in food on the show. I think..  people everywhere have been particularly nice to us and let us see particularly.. uhm.. I dunno a side of their personality..  A side of their cultures.  I think a lot of you know hard journalist don’t get to see.  People’s defenses are down. You know, they’re less likely to put up a front or be someone other than who they really are. You know over the table. You know right away break bread with somebody. You drink the local drink. Whatever it is. You eat whatever is offered.  You try to be a good guest. I think you are gona connect with people over food in a way that you couldn’t.  If you’re just some guy with a you know microphone and a camera. People..cameras and thinga. you know.. changes the situation .. Ah but the fact that you know. I travel largely on my stomach. I think  gives me ahh, you know like i said.. an advantage.


Joe Rogan:wow. what a fucking crazy way to live dude. that’s fascinating.


Anthony Bourdain:  Were you, did you.. was in Brazil the last UFC?


Joe Rogan: I didn’t go to that one.  I was filming Fear Factor so I stayed home.  i couldn’t afford to take the 4 days off.


Anthony Bourdain:  It’s good food down there.


Joe Rogan: In Brazil?  Rio?  I’ve been to Sao Paolo. I went to Churrascaria in Sao Palo. It’s pretty bad ass.  Like full of chow, but they had a lot more organs.  In Brazil they eat a lot of chicken hearts and things along those lines, chicken livers.


Anthony Bourdain:  The big meal is Feijoada.  The whole country does it.


Joe Rogan:Feijoada?


Anthony Bourdain:  It’s basically a big stew of hoots and snouts and black beans.  It’s really delicious.  And it came originally from slave food.  It the scraps from the tables of the wealthy Portuguese, that their slaves would collect and try to make it into something, you know, edible or even delicious.  And over time, they created this dish that… you know, that the food was very poor at one point.  Now it’s like the national dish.. everybody in Brazil, at one point or another.  Saturday, you invite the family over and you sit around eating this huge, huge amount of Fejuada and get really really really fucked up on Cachaça.


Joe Rogan: The episode that you had in Brazil was really wild when you were at that fish market, and there’s this fucking alien fish that they’re all eating.  Wow.


Anthony Bourdain:  That its cooky up there.  I mean, you know that’s fresh water fish.  You are in the water at the depths of the rice paddy.  You know?  I mean 3 feet of water.  You’re driving around.  You’re looking for basically rice paddy-deep water until you see a 500-pound fresh water fish, you know, breaking the surface.  It’s wild.  I mean, there’s all of this fish and creatures and fruits and vegetables down there that never make it out of that area.  So it’s really ahh… ingredient-wise, it’s really another planet.


Joe Rogan: Yeah, I would imagine so. Really like I said, I didn’t get to eat much interesting food when I was there.  I was there for the World Jujitzu Championships in 2003.  So I was only there for a couple of days.  But ah we did go to the supermarket and get these fucking alien looking fruits like I’ve never even seen them before, never heard of them, no idea what the fuck it was.  We just picked up a bunch of different ones… weird seeds in them, and strange flavors.


Anthony Bourdain:  It’s a great country, great food, great culture.  ah


Joe Rogan: It’s a wild country, man.


Anthony Bourdain:  People are really nice. ah


Joe Rogan: They’re the country that figured out fighting.  They figured it out.  There was a lot of confusion as to how to fight correctly.  The Brazilians were really one of the first to really figure it out.  They put the first big piece to the puzzle.  Jujitzu for the first big piece, where everybody was like, “Whoa, this, you gotta know this.  Coz if you don’t know this, they’re gonna grab you and they’re gonna break your shit.”  It’s really simple.  So the Brazilian guys just revamped the whole system.  And then wrestlers came along and kick boxers.  And then people realized you have to have really a full arsenal of techniques.  But if you don’t have a full arsenal of techniques, if you just had one,  Jujitzu is probably one of the best ones to have.  And the Brazilians were the ones to figure that out.  When it came to.  If you didn’t know.  Back in the day, nobody knew everything, cause there never was anything like the ultimate fighting championship.  So there’s never an opportunity to see what was better to know.  It was just speculative.  Is it better to be a boxer?  Is it better to be a wrestler?  Who the fuck knows?  Its just nobody really knew.  But the Brazilians came along and they figured out that if you only know one thing, you should know how to choke people.  Coz fights usually scramble, you know, you’re in a bar, you fall, you’re on the ground.  That you should know how to strangle a guy once you get out of the ground.  That’s a wild culture to figure that out, man. (laughs) you know

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