Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Bryan:  Yeah


Anthony Bourdain: For the rest of my life


Bryan: I want it now


Anthony Bourdain:  You know.. Yeah


Bryan:  Yeah.  I will it today


Joe Rogan: There are some cunts out there.  That are just waiting for an argument. They’re waiting to pick aside and beyond whatever team it is.  Fucking fight that till the death.


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah, i think they smartly soft foie gras as an easy win.  You know,  it’s not like this is any more outrageous, or painful, or bad or procedure of in any way, than any other animal we eat.  I mean when chickens are raised in this country is truly shocking.  Domestic hogs from some of the major.. the major houses.. you know.  These are really grotesque mass market uhmm.. you know.. very unhealthy way to create food.  Let’s put it that way.  So there are big or more deserving targets thsn foie gras.  But I think the animal rights guys saw that something they can win.  It’s a high profile victory.


Joe Rogan: Because it looks so brutal


Anthony Bourdain: It looks bad. uhm


Joe Rogan:And we should stay away


Anthony Bourdain: You know, it is basically when they feed the geese.. who generally.  If it’s any kind of.. any sort of quality operation.  The geese or the ducks come over to the feeder.  But basically you took the things head back.  You put a long funnel out of throat.  And you know put a couple of handfuls of ground corn.  Which they readily eat.  It just looks like they’re having food jammed into them.  And if you.. If you play footage you know, of some place in Eastern Europe.  That is mass producing stuff very cruelly.  It’s really terrifying footage that.. that makes a very lurid picture of the process.  Add to that, french speaking.  It had a  french name and only a bunch of you know wealthy, high end restaurants serve it.. it.. was an easy victory for them


Joe Rogan: Isn’t it also..


Anthony Bourdain: Their ultimate goal you know.  But basically bolstered by their victory with foie gras here.  They will then be able to raise money towards the next victory.  Which you know, ultimately lead to their aim which is to give chickens the vote


Joe Rogan  Bryan: (laughs)


Bryan: Isn’t foie gras.   Can’t u get it organically?  Where you don’t force feed them? isn’t there an option?


Anthony Bourdain:  So they say so.  I mean they will.. they will.. they will.  If just left on their own devices during a certain season eat themselves.  You know into a bloated liver fattening situation for sure


Bryan:  But that’s the only way to get good foie gras?  Is to do that sort of force feeding coz otherwise the livers just not as good


Anthony Bourdain: You know, you’re not strapping this.. any..anyone I know in this country.  Who sells foie gras in their restaurant buys from, one or 2 or 3 outfits.. All of which, I can tell you are not people brutally grabbing animals, jamming this tube on their throat.  And I get all some cartoon cat you know all this warner brothers cartoons.. you know.. jamming.. mouthful after mouthful with the belly expands.  It’s like two handfuls a day.  It takes like 2 seconds and  ahh it’s not that bad and the animals utterly, otherwise live really cool, comfortable, luxurious lives for.. for.. for.. you know.. in the world of poultry.. they’re the aristocrats


Bryan: (laughs)


Joe Rogan: So  really it’s just a couple of quick blast a day.  And that’s it


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah. They’re like any other animal.  We kill woman, harvest their stuff and in this case.  Their stuff is a delicious, delicious.. smooth creamy.. very tasty liver


Bryan:  I can’t wait to try it


Joe Rogan: You’ve never had it?


Bryan:  No


Joe Rogan: You gotta go to this


Bryan: I might go eat today.  I would eat as much that as I would normally


Joe Rogan: Yeah, go to this brand new wine place

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