Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Bryan:  Just get drunk


Anthony Bourdain: Doctor Thompson is another personal hero but ah..


Bryan: Mine too


Anthony Bourdain: I think it’s a sad story but you know.  People say Ali is happy. now


Joe Rogan: Really?


Anthony Bourdain:  So I don’t think that Thompson clearly was a happy man.


Joe Rogan: Thompson was in a lot of pain too.  He had a hip replacement (ahem) and that’s brutally painful for some people.  He had like a lot of physical ailments.  And on top of that.  His body was just so beaten down from the daily boozing.  I mean he was just pounded daily you know


Anthony Bourdain:  Obviously I dont have to figure it.  Anybody who gets to read this my stuff.  You know,  I was.. shamelessly a student of.  Enthusiast of.   I mean of Honrad Thompson’s[*correction (Hunter S. Thompson)] early work.  I, really.. When that stuff came out in Rolling stone.   I remember you know running to the store to get Pure and Love in Las Vegas.#book(Fear and Loathing in Las Vegasrealize ah.. life-changing.


Joe Rogan: Yeah..


Anthony Bourdain:  But I don’t.. that’s the guy who sort of peaked early,  And I think he had a very hard time, for the rest of his career after I think.  Probably, if you’re gonna go the campaign trail. #book(Fear and Loathing in the Campaign Trail) I think he was the guy clearly struggling writing for the rest of his life


Joe Rogan: While I think you just can’t do that to your health and not struggle creatively. You can’t do that. You just can’t poison yourself.


Anthony Bourdain:  You can’t do coke and write.. that’s for sure.


Joe Rogan: You can’t do coke and right.  No


Anthony Bourdain:  That’ll be too senseless


Bryan: (laughs)  Then what will happen?


Anthony Bourdain:  You’ll either keep writing.  Or be utter and complete shit.  Or you’ll find someway to not write at all


Joe Rogan: Embarassingly i was in  I didn’t know much about honorest thompson[*correction (Hunter S. Thompson)]  until i was in Seattle once.  I was staying in a hotel room.  And I had a layover.  And I,  just had nothing to do.  Just flipping through the pay per view movie.  Gonzo life and worth,  life and times of honorest thompson i think its called


Anthony Bourdain:  Yup


Joe Rogan:I watched the documentary and holy shit! you know when they show how fuckin’ when Ed Moskey was running for president.  Instead of writing fake stories about a god being in Ibagen and bringing in exotic plants and gazillion doctors


Anthony Bourdain: (laughs)


Joe Rogan: And he made up names for new drugs.  That you know dude.  It was on something called wallet


Anthony Bourdain:  Right


Bryan:  Some news


Joe Rogan: Some new form of being


Anthony Bourdain:  This stuff actually found its way into the straight media.


Bryan:  Yeah, it’s ama..


Joe Rogan: And he had to defend himself


Anthony Bourdain:  He gave some homeless guy his press credentials.  His I think his White House credentials


Joe Rogan: Really?


Bryan:  Wow


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah, and it was about some ethics stuff.   But I think ahh..


Joe Rogan: He did some awesome shit


Anthony Bourdain:  If you read some of the stuff, uh in some of the lines in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.#book  It was a very romantic ah.. sentimental side.  He wrote some beautiful senses about how his hopes were smashed forever by a..


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Anthony Bourdain:  You know.. What he saw is happening politically in this country.


Joe Rogan: Wow.. you know


Anthony Bourdain:  Nixon just screw, you know.  Really fucked with Hunter Thompson’s head


Joe Rogan: What was great about his.. his.. Rantings and drug-induced.   You know his.. his.. just his.. vision of the world..  Was that he had been through euthopia period in San Francisco in late 60s.   So he had this idea of this LSD culture.  Where he knew this was possible.  He knew he could be beautiful and then when the hopes were dashed.  And all the water was thrown in the fire.  And then he became this you know, wild fuckin renegade

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