Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138


Anthony Bourdain: oh totally! < laughs>


Joe Rogan:HIYAAAAAAH! HI-YAAAAAAH!!!YAAAAAAAAH! you know she’s a serious UFC fan.


Anthony Bourdain:  Yes, I mean i’m getting into it entirely.  Because.. because she’s into it.  And it was a lot of fun.  I was a  boxing fan for sure.  But you know.. this was all new to me.  So I basically i have to ask her.. hey, is this guy any good?


Joe Rogan: Oh yeah.  Once you figure out who’s good.   And who’s interesting.  And you know.. you watch a few good fights.  And you understand the rivalries man. Then.. this guy’s capable of.. it’s just  too exciting


Anthony Bourdain:  I love the.. I love the Anderson.. Anderson Silver fight recently


Joe Rogan: Yeah..  yeah…  That’s an additional comedy, yeah


Anthony Bourdain:  The whole putty put his hands down.  That whole lalee thing


Joe Rogan:whoooo


Anthony Bourdain:  It’s.. I felt the fight was over.  It just totally got over the other guy’s head.  It was such a contentious thing to do


Joe Rogan: Yeah. well he gets his timing.  What happens with Anderson is.. Anderson is..  He’s like calculating you.  He’s figuring out.  He’s stepping inside the danger zone.  And outside trying to figure out.  What your instincts are?  What your reflexes are?  And then he realizes that after like 15-20 seconds you gonna slow down.  You know.. 45 seconds after the first round.  Guys start to slow down 2 minutes, 3 minutes in.  They really start to slow down.  That’s when Anderson starts to pile it on.  He’s like calculating your abilities.  And then he just get right in front of you.  Puts his hands down and there’s nothing you can do about it..  right.  It’s gotta be the most horrifying feeling in the world.  To be locked in a cage with a magician. You know, a dude who can hit you.  And you can hit him.  And he’s very confident. And he’s locking in on you, you know.  He’s got you timed and figured out.  And you just start popping off on you


Anthony Bourdain:  That was a really impressive fight.


Joe Rogan: He’s an amazing athlete man.  He’s..  he goes down on my book as one of the all-time great athletes.  You know, like the Mohamed Ali’s and Sugar lay/ Sugar Ray Leonard.  All the Roberto Duran’s.  All the greats of the past.  I think Anderson Silver goes right in where its at.  You know, obviously different sport but the same thing.  That super athlete.  The guy that can do things, that other people can’t do


Anthony Bourdain: I’m a.. I’m always.. Ali is a personal hero for me. I just a.. as a fighter, as a personality. as a leader


Joe Rogan: Hmm..


Anthony Bourdain:  I just.. really look up to him.  Still look up to him


Joe Rogan: It’s.. it very unfortunate what happend to him.  You know, you talk about a guy who was this incredible speaker.  Who was so fast and so fluid and so sharp. The way he can talk.  And the way he could break things down.  And the way he.. his ethics. Sit up for this fucking Vietnam war.  And he said you know what man. No Vietnamese ever did nothing to me.


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan: I’m not going over there


Anthony Bourdain:  Ah.. you know.  I put him up there.. with Jefferson and the.. Lincoln.  And I just see him really a great.  One of the greatest and one of the most heroic American icons.  I mean, certainly


Joe Rogan: Sure


Anthony Bourdain:  Especially around the world.  Respected and looked up to.  Have you seen the film? When We were Kings #movie


Joe Rogan: Yeah.. Yeah.. It’s amazing


Anthony Bourdain: I cry like a baby at the end of that film everytime


Joe Rogan: It’s amazing film.  That’s the film where Honorus Thompson [*correction (Hunter S. Thompson)] was hired to go.  He was so upset.  Because he was an Ali fan.  He knew that Ali was gonna get killed.  That he just took drugs and floated around the pool Nixon mask on.  And missed the whole fight.

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