Joe Rogan with Anthony Bourdain Podcast #138

Podcast 138 Anthony Bourdain Joe Rogan Bryan Redban.


Joe Rogan: Ahem.. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is brought to you by the Fleshlight. If you go to, click on the link for the Fleshlight, enter the code name Rogan and you will get 15% off the number one sex toy for men. Cue the obligatory music Bryan!

Bryan: Of course. I just can’t stop thinking of that Fleshlightthough. If I can


(ACTIVITY)Music playing


Joe Rogan: The music’s totally unnecessary but, but necessary at the same time. Anthony Bourdain is with us Ladies and Gentlemen. (ACTIVITY)sound effects. Thank you very much for coming by man. This is cool as fuck!


Anthony Bourdain: Uhm,  I’m happy to be here. I was looking forward to this.


Joe Rogan: Me too man. If somebody told me that my favourite show.  f he came up to me, like 10 years ago and I said.  In 10 years, and your favourite show’s gonna be about a dude who eats in different places


Bryan: I would have told you to go fuck yourself. I would have say that’s the most retarded show i’ve ever heard in my life


Anthony Bourdain: If you told me 10 years ago, that i’ll be in television. I wouldn’t say the same thing


Joe Rogan: Yeah, that’s one of the cool things about you man.  You’re, I wouldn’t say you were reluctant.  But you’re almost like an accidental celebrity.  Like you just got your book Kitchen Confidential #book  just fucking took off.  And then all of a sudden you’re this famous guy.  Like you’re…


Anthony Bourdain: Like yeah, it was like an overnight thing for sure.   One minute I was standing next to the deep fryer.  And then the next, uhm.  You know i’m selling books, and, and get, you, you know want it.  I’m on tv.  I mean literally.  I think was 44 years old


Joe Rogan: Wow. That’s fucking wild


Anthony Bourdain:   And when I was not looking for anything.  I had no higher ambition than keep cooking, what I was cooking.   Really maybe, hopefully have the. You know,  I wanted some kind of minor.  I wanted to earn my advance back on the book.  That was my highest hope.


Joe Rogan: Wow


Anthony Bourdain:  It all kinda turned out real good


Joe Rogan:   That’s fuckin nuts.   What a crazy story.  It’s very interesting because. It’s very rare that someone gets to live a full and intense, anonymous life.  And then all of a sudden be thrusted in the public consciousness.  But actually, it’s interesting you know


Anthony Bourdain:  It happened late in life.  I guess being in the restaurant business for a long time.  I think, my you know the level of bullshit that i can sort of live within my life.  From a day to day basis.  Uh.. uhm.. it’s pretty minimal now.  So I was.. I was just.. I.. I.. I’ve came at the television and everything else, always with the attitude.  That hey, I could be packed next to the deep fryer tomorrow.  So i’m just not taking it that seriously.


Joe Rogan: It’s amazing though.  I mean it’s, it’s reality television.  In your case.  It’s actually worked.  It’s like there’s people became famous, and you go what the fuck is going on?  I don’t even know what Kim Kardashian’s voice sounds like.  I literally (ACTIVITY)don’t know what it sounds like. I dont’ think I’ve ever heard her talk once.


Anthony Bourdain:  It seems terrifying


Joe Rogan: But I know who she is but she’s become.   Ah.. she’s become a show. She’s become a thing.  An item.  A program.  The Kim Kardashian program but in your case.  It actually worked.  Like..


Anthony Bourdain:  Yeah. i think that


Joe Rogan: They actually found some crazy attitude


Anthony Bourdain:  In a lot of ways though.  I think there there seems to be some similarities of portionally.  Both.. both shows mine, and the Kardashians are really. You know, my show’s about me and having fun.  And uh.. and taking advantage of the situation.  In that way. I probably have something in common with the Kardashian’s

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