Joe Rogan Tim Ferriss Podcast #137


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              If it was just a matter of one stone…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  … I’d be like, “That’s not that big of a deal”.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              And so you moved one stone.  It’s the fact that you moved 2, 300,000 of them…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              … that makes me think…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              “That’s amazing”.  But the obelisks?!


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              Just one!  Just one of them.  You’re like, “What the fuck?


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              … How did you do that?


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah, yeah.


Joe Rogan:  …         How the fuck did you make that giant stone thing – with all the carving, 50 fuckin’ feet tall…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              … and made out of one piece of stone?”


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              Jesus Christ!  Some of those amazing structures of pharaohs that are like, 20, 30 feet high, and you’re looking at ’em and you’re like, “Who the?  What the fuck?”


Tim Ferriss:             (laughs)


Joe Rogan:              5,000 years ago?  6,000 years ago they were doin’ this?


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.  The ones that blew my mind too are the aqueducts that were made in Roman times that still work.


Joe Rogan:              Yeah.


Tim Ferriss:             And, ah… (laughs)…


Joe Rogan:              It’s nuts.  Human ingenuity, man.  Do you subscribe to the idea – and this is recurring subject on this podcast – that humanity is going through cycles of… of… of like, really, ah, high levels of understanding and knowledge, and then cataclysmic disaster or human-based disaster…


Tim Ferriss:             Oh, for sure.


Joe Rogan:              You think so?


Tim Ferriss:             Oh yeah, I mean I think if you look at the Roman Empire and you look at the, ah, growth and, ah, decline of the US Empire, it’s parallel after parallel after parallel, distributing, ah… um… military is one of the first symptoms of like preceding the decline, I… I think point for point you can look at these… these meteoric rises and then catastrophic, ah… falls.


Joe Rogan:              So it’s just like a pulse.  It’s just like a breathing in and breathing out.  It’s a complicated cycle.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              And it’s almost inevitable.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah, I mean, I’ve… I’ve… I think…


Joe Rogan:              But is it because of… of… obviously ri… right now in the stage we’re at, you know, when we talk about military, we talk about depletion of the resources, th… th… th… polluting of the planet.  This is almost all active things that we can control.


But what about giant things that happen; shifting of the polar ice caps, ah… asteriod impact… things along those lines that, very… likely have had…we believe at least – I think they think five mass extinctions…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              … in the history of… of the planet.  And how knows how many little baby ones long the way, like that one that you drive to Nevada and you see that mile-wide crater…


Tim Ferriss:             Right.


Joe Rogan:              … that’s like nothing.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              “Oh it’s only a mile, you know?


Tim Ferriss:             (laughs)


Joe Rogan:              It’s probably only, like, 15 feet long”.  But meanwhile, everything from miles around near that thing was dead…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              … instantly, you know?


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              I mean, how many of those hit all over the place that we’re just not aware of ’cause it was 10,000 years ago and now it’s covered in jungle wherever the impact was.


Tim Ferriss:             Oh yeah.


Joe Rogan:              You know?

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