Joe Rogan Tim Ferriss Podcast #137


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah, that’s not good.


Joe Rogan:              Yeah, I mean, they get Alzheimer’s, they get so many different diseases, Lou Gehrig’s disease, so many different trauma related ailments.  Meanwhile, football’s awesome.  So how do we fix that?


Tim Ferriss:             (laughs)


Joe Rogan:              Science.  Step in.  You know?


Tim Ferriss:             God, yeah I know.


Joe Rogan:              I don’t like seeing fighters get brain damaged that… that… that kills me.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan: It drives me nuts, you know?


Tim Ferriss:             I mean, I’ve seen guys, ah… you know we were talking before the show about, ah


               [oh yeah, you know what?  If there’s more of that, actually, I’ll have some of the coffee.


Joe Rogan:              There’s a little tiny more.


Tim Ferriss:             Oh, you can kill it, man.


Joe Rogan:              We’ll split it].


Tim Ferriss:             Ah… what I was just saying, you know, even watching some of the recreational, ah… MMA guys, if they do it for long enough when they’re training with guys who are… who are hitting them a lot… [thank you]… ah… you can see it over the span of years, I mean, you see their speech patterns change.


Joe Rogan:              Yeah… well they’re also tired all the time too…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              … that’s one thing you have to take into consideration.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah, there is that.


Joe Rogan: We think that it’s, you know, that a lot of times we’re like, “Oh that dude’s got brain damage”.  That guy’s been doing fuckin’ three a days…


Tim Ferriss:              Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              … and he’s exhausted…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  … when you talk to ’em, you know?


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              And he’s got a black eye so you just assume he’s got brain damage, meanwhile he’s just fucking tired.


Tim Ferriss:             (laughs)  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              You know, just training; training alone.  Even just doing Ju-Jitsu one night a week, every di… night is just k… it kills you.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              It’s brutal.  But when you add in strength training and kick boxing and wrestling to all that…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              … I don’t think there’s an athlete on the planet that works as hard as Mixed Martial Arts fighters, I really don’t.  I think it’s the most difficult physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically.  I think everything about it’s hard.


Tim Ferriss:             Who a… among the MMA fighters that, that, ah, you’ve met or interact with, or just know of, who… who have the most gruelling training regimens that you know?


Joe Rogan:              Georges St-Pierre, probably.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              He’s right up there.  He’s, um… always fit, you know.


Brian:    Silva.


Joe Rogan:  And, yeah Anderson Silva…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan: … and George… George is never out of shape, never takes an opponent lightly, always stays to the game plans.   The only time he ever took an opponent lightly was Matt Serra and he got knocked out…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan: … and never did it again.  And, you know, he’s a real honest guy who, ah… learns from his mistakes, but he trains very hard – pretty much they all do at this point.


Rashad Evans is notoriously tough, ah, in the… in the training camp; very hard worker, you know.  This Jon Jones kid, of course – he’s… he’s got a… a furious work ethic.  They have to.  All the great ones have a great work ethic.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              There’s no room right now at the top levels of Mixed Martial Arts, there’s no room for mediocrity…


Tim Ferriss:             Hmm.


Joe Rogan:              … there’s no room.  There’s no room for anybody that thinks they’re a natural but doesn’t want to put in the time.

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