Joe Rogan Tim Ferriss Podcast #137


Joe Rogan:              So terrible.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              They should be doin’ yoga.


Tim Ferriss:             It’s cruel and unusual punishment.


Joe Rogan:              You know, when you lose a lot of weight really fast, it fucks your metabolism up too, doesn’t it?  Especially when you do it at a really low, ah… calorie level.  If you, like, cut your calories – like if you’re supposed to have, like, a thousand a day, these people that will go, five hundred a day just to lose weight quicker – but when they do, it jacks their whole system.


Tim Ferriss:             Oh they’re fucked, and it will kill your thyroid, among other things.  Ah… that’s why you see women who’ve lost, you know, they lose 50 – 60 pounds but they do it by starving themselves, and then they really fuck their thyroid and they not only plateau, but they start to have all sorts of hormonal issues.


Joe Rogan:              And then they have empty tits.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              That’s the saddest part.


Brian:    No tits…


Joe Rogan:              When they’re plump and their tits are big and full, and then they get crazy and go anorexic and lose a ton of weight, and their tits become like empty little bags.


Brian:    Ghost boobies.


Tim Ferriss:             Ghost boobies!  (laughs)


Joe Rogan: That’s the saddest thing.  Or when a girl has a perfect ass then she just gains a little bit of weight and all of a sudden there’s stretch marks on her ass, like, “What the fuck happened?”


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              Like, “You weren’t in pain while your ass was growing?


Tim Ferriss:             (laughs)


Joe Rogan:              You kept eating.  Look what it did to your ass.  Your ass has railroad tracks on it and, you know, out of nowhere”.


Tim Ferriss:             (laughs) Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              Like, what the fuck is that?  How do girls get stretch marks on their ass so quick?


Tim Ferriss:             I don’t


Tim Ferriss:             I… like guys get stretch marks on their pecs I guess.  You know it’s a lot easier to gain fat than it is to gain muscle.


So you see these guys with these incredible…


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Tim Ferriss: … stretch marks…



Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Tim Ferriss: … on the outside of the pecs and I think that, you know, for women, ah… like, guys put it on the gut and women put it right on the ass and the legs.  Ah…


Joe Rogan:              Isn’t it like genetic though, as far as stretch marks?  I mean, some people just don’t stretch… like, some women don’t get stretch marks.


Tim Ferriss:             Oh yeah, I think it has a lot… I think that humidity actually plays a part too.


Joe Rogan:              Really?


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              So the more humid the climate…


Tim Ferriss:             The fewer…


Joe Rogan:              .. , the fewer stretch marks you’re going to have?


Tim Ferriss:             But…


Joe Rogan:              That totally makes sense.


Tim Ferriss:             I’ve heard Charles Poliquin – who’s a Olympic level professional level strength coach – recommends that his athletes (or women who are losing a lot of weight, or men, I suppose for that reason) – um… use… I think it’s “Gotu Kola” as a cream which helps with the stretch marks.


Joe Rogan:              Hmm.


Tim Ferriss:             Apparently.  That’s what he prescribes.   Ah…


Brian:    I use Oil of Olay.


Tim Ferriss:             Oil of Olay.


Joe Rogan:              So to answer my question, you never get creepy with chicks ’cause you’re obsessed with getting them.


Tim Ferriss:             (laughs) I’ve been dating a great girl for about five months, so I’m not on the market.


Joe Rogan:              But before that… but before that did you… what… I’m not…

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