Joe Rogan Tim Ferriss Podcast #137


Joe Rogan:              Whoa!


Tim Ferriss:             It’s astonishing.  And the slow carb diet – the cyclical ketogenic diet – is where you combine it with exercise so that you’re in ketosis for five or six days; then you carbohydrate load for 24 hours for the insulin and anabolic effects; and then you go back into ketosis.  Ah… but it’s a huge pain in the ass, that one is.


But, if you do roughly, sort of a Paleo-type diet with legumes and then you eat whatever the fuck you want for one day, it’s like an approximated version of that that works really, really well.


Joe Rogan:              I don’t think if it in terms of doing… of be… of having a Paleo diet, but I try to cut back – way back – on my bread and pastas.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan: I try to eat very little of that stuff, and I try to eat only shit that grows.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              That’s what I try to eat; on a tree, anything that grows…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan: … anything that’s alive – whether it’s salads or vegetables or animals, anything that grows.


Tim Ferriss:             Face or in the ground.




Joe Rogan:              That’s what I like to eat.  You know, when you starting eating a lot of pastas and breads, you know, and sodas and just nonsense…


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  … I absolutely feel a difference in how my body processes it, what kind of energy my body has.  I always feel way healthiest when I’m just eating a lot of vegetables and just meat, and stuff along those lines.


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah.


Joe Rogan:              Which I guess is the Paleo diet, right?


Tim Ferriss:             It is.  I mean, I think it’s been that the… the term has been and co-opted by a lot of people who turn it into, like, a mania.


Joe Rogan:              A fad?


Tim Ferriss:             Yeah, and so you have a thing on both extremes.  And not everyone who would self-identify with Paleo is extreme, but you find that, like, the Paleos and the vegans have this, like, extreme war going on.


Joe Rogan:  There’s a war?


Tim Ferriss:             (laughs) It’s a war of…


Joe Rogan:              I take the Paleos’ foods.




Joe Rogan:              I got five bucks on the Paleos


Tim Ferriss:             Ah…




Tim Ferriss:             … but I… I think that where a lot of folks missed the boat, ah, in… and I think your approach is right in the sense that, when you become really militant about one side or the other, if your goal is to help other people, you have to look at the compliance as much as how effective it is.


So it’s like, you might be able to get, let’s say, someone on Biggest Loser in shape by duct taping bowling balls to their hands and having them run through the fuckin’ desert with a weighted sled behind them, but once they’re off of national television and they’re not shamed into crying with product placement, like how long are they going to actually do that?  Probably never again.


Joe Rogan: Is that what they do on that show?


Tim Ferriss:             Ah, I saw a tweet at one point that I thought was great which was, ah, “Biggest Loser = fat people crying in product placement”.


Brian:    (laughs)


Tim Ferriss:             … which I thought was really dead on.  Because you can’t fill an hour or whatever it is – half hour, even – on a weekly basis with simplicity.  You can’t do it.   You can’t be like, “Alright, kettleball swings, three times per week, you’re fuckin’ done.  Focus on your diet ’cause that’s the only way you’re going to lose fat”.  You can’t do that because you have to film 30 minutes of… of fat people runnin’ around.


Um… so I did actually see one where they had these morbidly obese people with weighted sleds attached to them running through, like, sand dunes.

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