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Joe Rogan:  Dude we should buy one new laptop and one iMac, right?




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(you can call it a sex toy but it’s not a toy; it’s just some fucking serious shit, right Brian?


Brian:    A friend.


Joe Rogan:  It’s a friend; it’s a sex friend for men.


Brian:  It’s a friend with no mouth.


Joe Rogan:  Alright ladies and gentlemen, Tim Ferriss: is in the house.  We’re gonna get down to the nitty gritty; we’re going to learn some shit; we’re going to figure this out… together!


[female voice] The Joe Rogan Experience…


Joe Rogan:  Together bitches! [shouts] Run the music!


(music playing)


Joe Rogan:  The power of the internet once again manifests itself – or causes things to manifest – or whatever…


Tim Ferriss: (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Tim Ferriss: is here ladies and gentlemen.


Brian:    Wheeee!


Tim Ferriss: Yeah, thanks for having me.


Joe Rogan:  Thanks for coming, man.  And, ah… a much requested, ah, man on the internet ‘cause a lot of people really enjoy your work, and you got some, ah… some fascinating theories and ah… some ah… you’ve… you’ve obviously spent a lot of time breaking things down and analyzing things and, you know, people really love that.  They love it when someone does the hard work, you know?


Tim Ferriss: Trying to harness my OCD for something useful (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Is that what it is?


Tim Ferriss: I don’t think it’s, ah, diagnosed, but I’m glad, certainly, when I was a kid that ADHD didn’t have a prescription…


Joe Rogan:  Alright…


Tim Ferriss: … associated or a label with it because I would have been thrown straight into a small cage…


Joe Rogan:  I would have as well, for sure, but here’s the thing, man… there’s nothing wrong with you.  There’s nothing wrong with you at all.  Why is it that people want to medicate someone for being unusual or exceptional?


Tim Ferriss: Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Or… or energetic, or someone who can’t sit and do boring shit.  They… they… they resist the machine so we tell them they’re sick.


Tim Ferriss: No.


Joe Rogan:  You know, because if you’ll sit in some boring, monotonous class about some fucking subject you don’t really give a shit about, your instincts as a five year old kid or a six year old is to run out of the room!


Tim Ferriss: Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Or even 15, or whatever the fuck.  Even now… that’s normal, that’s like, you don’t want to be around shit that’s not stimulating.  But we’re like “there’s something wrong with you if you don’t submit to the hive…


Tim Ferriss: Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  … there’s something wrong you.  Oh you can’t… what do you want to write your own books?


Tim Ferriss: (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  … no, no, no, no, no.  You gotta memorize all the shit that we wrote.  We don’t want you coming up with music; we don’t want you figuring out movies, or cartoons, or starting your own comic book.  D-d-d-d-d-d-d”.


Tim Ferriss: Yeah.


Joe Rogan:  You can’t call a guy who writes books like you do… you can’t say you have OCD, dude.  You don’t got a disease.


Tim Ferriss: No, no, not at all.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, there’s no way.


Tim Ferriss: I knew there was one of my friends I remember, I think it was third grade, he was one of the smarter kids in the class and he got bored out of his mind, so he took a fork, walked over to the side of the room – the teacher was on the blackboard – and he goes, “I am the Master of the Universe!” and he stabbed the fork into the electric outlet and shot across the room (laughs).

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