Joe Rogan Shane Smith Podcast 164 Experience


And he was fighting sort of the, on the Liberian the Crown side against the sort of American sponsored side.


And uhm, so he had been you know?  A ritualistic cannibal before


Joe Rogan:  Jesus!


Shane Smith:  And then there was not a lot of food during the civil war.  So people just started eating bodies for food


Joe Rogan:  Jesus Christ!


Shane Smith:  I know


 Joe Rogan:  So they would hunt people and eat them?


Shane Smith:  No there…


Joe Rogan:  Well I’m sure


Shane Smith:  There’s enough people dying and there was like a lot of dead people lying around


Joe Rogan:  Wow!


Shane Smith:  Yeah, yeah


Joe Rogan:  What a fucking crazy place on Earth!


Shane Smith:  Yeah, yeah


Joe Rogan:  When you wanna talk about like Mad Max wasn’t that bad


Shane Smith:  Yeah


Joe Rogan:  Right?  Like people, people are worried about like Mad Max that like living in Thunderdome that’s not as bad


Shane Smith:  Yeah


Joe Rogan:  I’d rather live in Thunderdome than Liberia.  “Two men enter One man leave.”  It seems pretty much straight forward


Brian Redban:  I’d rather live in Brokeback Mountain


Shane Smith:  Yeah (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  Dude that sounds completely insane and Liberia started out as US slave colony right?


Shane Smith:  No it was ah, actually they, they took freed slaves and they…


Joe Rogan:  And they brought them back to Africa


Shane Smith:  they brought them back to Africa…


Joe Rogan:  Yeah


Shane Smith:  and they called it Liberia for freedom.  And Monrovia the Capital is named after Pres. Monroe.


And they wrote the constitution in America and then they brought the freed slaves over.


And then the slaves promptly enslaved the Native Africans using the plantation method that they have learned in America


Joe Rogan:  Oh my God!


Shane Smith:  So for the next sort of 150 years the American Liberians.  So they would have called Charles Taylor for example or very sort of westernized names, would sort of you know had enslaved the sort of locals.


Until a guy named Samuel Doe who is an African Liberian ah, overthrew the government and that started the civil war.


And Charles Taylor who was educated here in America uhm, you know went after him.  That’s when all this cannibalism and lunacy started.


And Charles Taylor now is on trial or being convicted of War crimes or Crimes against Humanity.


But all the other Generals like Butt Naked, and Bin Laden, and Rambo.  They’re all still there just sort of hanging out in Liberia


Joe Rogan:  That is incredible.  How when did it be?  When was it established as a country?


Shane Smith:  So it was established ah in the 1840’s. It became a State


Joe Rogan:  So slavery was made illegal in 1865?  Is that what it was?


Shane Smith:  Yeah so it was.  It was sort of you know repatriated slaves from the north and then when they outlawed slavery they would keep it going


Joe Rogan:  (gasps) Wow


Shane Smith:  So I think it was made into an international State in the 1860’s and then it was, it was sort of American uhm sort of run.


It was our sort of our quasi foray into colonialism in


 Joe Rogan:  In Africa


Shane Smith:  In Africa and then it turned into ah, it turned into a complete and utter disaster


Joe Rogan:  Holy Shit!  You wanna talk about?  There is no way to make anything worst!  Is there a way?  Is there a worst spot on Earth?


Shane Smith:  No


Joe Rogan:  That sounds like the worst spot on Earth


Shane Smith:  Yeah.  Yeah I mean when your in, there’s a place called West Point, which is the, the sort of the slum of Monrovia.

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