Joe Rogan Shane Smith Podcast 164 Experience

Joe Rogan Shane Smith Podcast

Joe Rogan Shane Smith Podcast

Video Title: PODCAST #164 – Shane Smith, Brian Redban






Shane Smith, Brian Redban – Date: 12/06/2011


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<whispers>  Yes and let the jingle begins


And go to click on the Onnit link and enter the codename Rogan.


<Whispers> 10% off all sweet bitches


Shane Smith is the house


<Jingle Begins>


Joe Rogan:  This doesn’t feel like an official show if you don’t hear that stupid song.  Oh you’re getting crafty with that.  You went left and right ear. I like what you did right


Brian Redban:  Yeah you like that?


Joe Rogan:  <whispers> It’s crazy Bro.


Joe Rogan:  Shane Smith is in the house ladies and gentlemen.  This guy, this one guy in front of us right now.  I have probably enjoyed your online videos more than anything I have ever watched online.  And that is the God’s honest truth.


Brian Redban:  Amen


 Joe Rogan:  I’ve been turning people on to you for a long time Man and I, I don’t remember which was the first one saw.  Somebody had sent a link to us on the message board.  I don’t remember which one it was


 Brian Redban:  It’s The Vice Guide to Travel ah the


 Joe Rogan:  It might have been in Thailand


 Brian Redban:  Mine was that


 Joe Rogan:  It was you chilling in the bath tub with some Ladyboys


Shane Smith:  Yes


Joe Rogan:  I was like this dude is a bad motherfucker.  You got a big smile on his face and he’s chilling in a bath tub with these lady boys


Shane Smith:  Yeah


 Joe Rogan:  And then of course I saw the Liberia one and then I’m like “Who the fuck are these guys?”  And then are started going.


These guys are fucking nuts Man!  They’re just going to the weirdest situations and they’re giving you like a real take on it.


It seems like people you know went to Liberia and saw the situation, and broke it down intelligently.  But it seems like people you know.


Where it’s like “If I watch a 60 Minutes piece on Liberia and they sent a correspondent.  I don’t know that dude?”

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