Joe Rogan on Occupy Wall Street and the 99%

Bryan Callen:  Right.

Joe Rogan:  Man these people been getting away with so much for so long.  It’s like telling them that everything has to be fair now.  They are like “Fuck You!

Bryan Callen:  Right

Joe Rogan:  I didn’t get into this to be fair.  I got into this because I met my friend Tim at school.  And you all got together in the 80’s Gordon Gecko style and start fucking raping the financial system.  They are there to make ass ton fuck tons of money to every possible loophole.


:  You think this part of the global awakening with everyone was been predicting forever?

Joe Rogan:  Well you know look…

This kind of transition of shit in consciousness

Joe Rogan:  Yes I think so.  I think you know, the financial system is insanely complicated.  You know, I’ve tried many, many times to sit down and truly wrap my head around: stocks, and bonds, and dividends, and shorting, and its fucking insanely complicated.

:  Right

Joe Rogan:  There are so many players and so many pieces and so many things.  And just the idea behind confidence raising and lowering the value of something.  And stocks climbing and falling, and the whole thing being alive and mobile, constantly fluctuating.  It’s like what the fuck is this?

:  Right

Joe Rogan:  What the fuck are you going on here?  We are running the money of our system on this crazy unpredictable sporadic fucking pulsating changing thing.

:  Yeah

Joe Rogan:  Numbers ups and down and shit.  Oh Buy. Oh that’s kind of nutty.  That shouldn’t be that way.  The society should be much more stable.  I understand people have gotten insanely wealthy through this situation

:  Right

Joe Rogan:  And they don’t want to change it.  Because they get good at it, and they know how to continue to be insanely wealthy

:  Yeah

Joe Rogan:  Through this situation.  But that aren’t right Man.  It supposed to be based on something.  It supposed to be one piece of gold equals 1 donkey.  There is a need for credit.  I understand there is a need for a lot of things.  But it’s got to be a way more simple system, than the system we have now.  Cause there is too much room to fuck with it.  It doesn’t have to be the system we operate under.  The system we operate under should be simple and stringent.  And should be really simple to follow.  And that’s the way easier said than done.  But that’s what we really need to do

<Monologue quoted from Hunter S. Thompson>

No mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive, in that corner of time in the world, whatever event.

There is madness in every direction, at any hour.  You could strike sparks anywhere

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