Joe Rogan on Occupy Wall Street and the 99%

Joe Rogan:  Yeah… huge what? (Laughs)

Joe Rogan:  So you think it’s being co-opted by nefarious forces that are working undercover, they try to sabotage things

Kevin Priera:  I think so yeah

Joe Rogan:  Really

Kevin Priera:  Yeah

Joe Rogan:  What have they do, doing?

Kevin Priera:  They do that in every movement.  I mean from the attack ads, to marginalizing message, to entrapment.  They already had Agent Provocateurs.  But it sucks, this movement isn’t anti-cop whatsoever.  And it sucks that unfortunately only the bad and salacious stuff gets the news coverage, you know

Joe Rogan:  Well that’s important and all.  Because people need to know what can happen.  But that can happen

Kevin Priera:  But of course, of course

Joe Rogan:  We need to go about this.  This Citibank thing is fucking disgusting.  This should be fraud.  We should have now sued them for Fraud.

Kevin Priera:  Yeah.  I hope they can

Joe Rogan:  Misrepresenting our tax dollars and misrepresenting your position to protect us

Kevin Priera:  That, that officer Tony Bolognia that pepper sprayed those women that where in the net

Joe Rogan:  Uhum

Kevin Priera:  I hope you saw that video

Joe Rogan:  Yeah I did

Kevin Priera:  That guy lost 10 vacation days

Joe Rogan:  That’s it?

Kevin Priera:  That was his punishment

Joe Rogan:  Somebody had a good point about Occupy Wall Street?  They say all we need is 1 or 2 cops’ cheques and cops are with us

Kevin Priera:  Yeah

Joe Rogan:  And that is so true.  Because the cops are with us.  The idea that you can get the cops to act as protectors for these cocksuckers, is a really dark.  Jimmy Kielstein made a tweet and ah this tweet will forever in my mind embody what is going on here.  He made his tweet, he was down at Occupy Wall Street.  He was talking about how fucking crazy it is.  He wrote “They just arrested a guy because they thought he was the leader, Period. There are no leaders.  Occupy Wall Street?”

<Audio Clip of John F.Kennedy plays>

JFK:  Those who make peaceful revolution impossible.  Will make violent revolution inevitable – John F. Kennedy 1962

Kevin Priera:  But literally as this is going on, and the cops are there protecting Wall Street.  JP Morgan is making multi-million dollar donations to the NYPD.  That’s why it was inspiring to watch that Marine

<Video Clip of US Marine Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas on Occupy Wall Street Protest plays>

Sgt. Shamar Thomas:  (screaming) People don’t have guns.  Why are you hurting these people?  There is no honor in this!  Why are you gearing up like this is war?  This is not war!  Who the fuck are you?  How do you sleep at night?  There is no honor in this!

Kevin Priera:  JP Morgan Chase donates 4.6 million to NYPD

Brian Redban:  stoned

Kevin Priera:  During the protest,

Briand Redban:  During the protest.

Joe Rogan:  that’s beautiful

Joe Rogan:  This amazing, it’s amazing.  This is something that would have happened a long time ago, when we would have never heard about it.  We wouldn’t have seen it on CNN

Kevin Priera:  Right.  But look at the site of that announcement is on, that’s on their official website.  It’s not like they tried to hide this.  They were like “Hey World.  We just donated 4.6 million to the NYPD.  That’s how good we are as people”

Joe Rogan:  And then the cops are acting as if that 4.6 million is worth more than whatever this fucking regular people pay out of their pay checks every God damn week!  And the percentage of that for sure.

Kevin Priera:  Right

Joe Rogan:  That’s to go to public service.  And you are just gonna bend over and taken up the Coolie for, for 4.6 from some fucking bankers

Kevin Priera:  Yeah.

Joe Rogan:  If Wall Street.  Not only have they donated 4.6 million dollars to the police.  But they also started hiring the police.  It’s something most people don’t know.  You can hire a police officer for roughly 37 dollars an hour, paid work there.  And they work as a police officer with a real badge, and a real gun, and a real ability to arrest.  But they are working for the Bank!  It’s a loophole where these are Police Officers, but they are doing the bidding of the Bank.  It’s fucking crazy

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