Joe Rogan on Occupy Wall Street and the 99%

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Joe Rogan details the Occupy Wall Street movement. Audio comes from his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.
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<Video Clip plays> Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator for Vermont.  Occupy Wall Street.  October 4, 2011

Bernie Sanders: The Chairman is you know, the people are demonstrating against Wall Street and New York City, and other cities around the country.

And I think the perception on the part of this demonstrators, and millions of other Americans, is that a result of the greed, the recklessness and the illegal behavior on Wall Street. We were punished on this horrendous recession that we are currently in.

Do you agree with that assessment?  Did Wall Street greed and recklessness caused this recession?  That led to so many people losing their jobs

Ben Bernanke:  It had an excessive risk taking on Wall Street had a lot to do with it, and so did failures in the part of regulators

<Video Clip of Ron Paul plays>

Ron Paul:  I can argue the case for ah, the right to express their outright frustration with what is going on.

And eventually we will go bankrupt.   Eventually we will undermine our productivity.

We had no new jobs in the past 10 years.  Yet we had 30 million, ah increase in our population that eventually our jobs will go overseas, and the pie would shrink.

And there will be an aggressive attitude to get the piece of the pie that is no longer there.  And this is what we are seeing.

Kevin Priera:    This Occupy stuff is going on and I haven’t had a chance to talk to you about it

Joe Rogan:  Uhum

Kevin Priera:  I don’t know what you follow?  What you’ve seen but.  It’s crazy that those guys haven’t done any time yet

Joe Rogan:  Well there is no leader, that’s the thing.  You know there are trying to find someone to put away, where they can stop the movement.  The scariest thing about Occupy Wall Street for them is, there is no 1 person with a megaphone

Kevin Priera:  Right, the only reason they are lasting so long.

Joe Rogan:  Yeah

Kevin Priera:  I mean it could be

Joe Rogan:  It’s getting bigger too.  It’s bigger and bigger everyday, this is just the beginning of something huge

Kevin Priera:  Right

Joe Rogan:  What it looked like was like one of those fucking Glen Beck rallies that just got real long, lasted a while. Everybody is pissed, yeah I get it, you’re pissed, and I’m pissed too.  But then after a couple of weeks.  This is not the same, this is a different feeling.  This has an overthrow the government feels to it

Kevin Priera:  Yeah.  I mean I saw people out there for the 1st time with like giant signs that says “Audit the FED”

Joe Rogan:  There is no political party involved in any of this.  This is the big question about this Occupy Wall Street thing.  It’s already gotten way past the boiling point.  And it’s gotten to a point where, If the economy doesn’t improve, and these people don’t have to go back to work.  What the fuck is gonna stop them from escalating?

Kevin Priera:  Right

Joe Rogan:  What the fuck is gonna stop this for getting…

Kevin Priera:  I love it

Joe Rogan:  bigger and bigger

Kevin Priera:  I love it when people say “Get a job you Hippie, get a fucking job” is what create one for me

Joe Rogan:  Yeah, what are you talking about?

Kevin Priera:  Create one for me and I’ll take it.  That’s why I am out here you asshole!

Joe Rogan:  I’m ready to say get a job today I’m an asshole!

<Video clip of: Rudy Giuliani, Former New York City Mayor (R) 1994-2001.  “Defending the American Dream” Summit Washington, DC>

Rudy Giuliani:  How about you occupy a Job?  How about proceeding with your education?  Nah they rather do Woodstock in Manhattan

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