Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Brian Redban:  Is he gonna die?


Joe Rogan:   Come on, man.  That’s an amazing accomplishment, as well.  If someone started building a Death Star, they will have to keep going.  They will have to see if they could do it.


Brian Redban:  Yeah.


Joe Rogan:   They can’t just fund that project, folks.




Joe Rogan:  Don’t fund the Death Star project.


Brian Redban:  The moon is gonna be the Death Star.


Joe Rogan:   It’s gonna be Dick Cheney’s head out in space.  It’s gonna be a robotic Dick Cheney head.


Jason Silva:  You know what?  Actually, space is a very exciting frontier now.  With the privatization of space, we’re gonna see like radical invasion.  I mean you have this new generation of techno-philanthropists —


Joe Rogan:   It has to be privatized, right?


Jason Silva:  Well —


Joe Rogan:  They have to let people try.


Joe Rogan:   But it’s genius.


Joe Rogan:   Coz they’re gonna come up with some crazy shit.


Jason Silva:  Not only that, but the people that are behind it are people who have made billions in the information age, who have the resources of nation’s states.  Now individuals, visionaries, private individuals have the power that only government used to have, you know?


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.


Jason Silva:    It’s actually talked about.. you should have a


Joe Rogan:  That’s what scares people — that anybody could just build some rockets and just launch them on people.  You know, it’s like… that’s where it starts from.  I mean the money behind all these space ideas–


Jason Silva:  Yeah, yeah.


Joe Rogan:  just go up in space.  All that shit is military.  They wanna make sure that they have the ability to communicate, watch shit, drop bombs, fuck you up, get to you quicker.  I mean that’s what funds allot of in innovation when it comes to it.


Jason Silva:  I mean, yeah, at first a lot of innovations has come from military research, but it very quickly translate down to consumers.  I mean the fact that —


Joe Rogan: Is this because of the money involved, right?  Isn’t it?  Military contractors are trying to


Jason Silva:  In the beginning, yeah.  It’s because of the resources required, but, I mean, when you try to consider the fact that the GPS on your smartphone today is largely free, you know


Joe Rogan:  It’s incredible


Jason Silva:  Or that a person with a cellphone in Africa today has better communications technology than the US President did 25 years ago.  And uh, you know, a billion people buying smartphones for the first time, what they call “the rising billion”.

They’re coming online, joining the global conversations.  Billion new minds coming.. coming online, you know, joining the global brain.  I mean, it really is incringing, I think.

And you should uh.. you should talk to Peter Diamandis, who started the X Prize Foundation, and co-founder of Singularity University with Kurzweil.  He’s got a new book, all about how we can leverage emerging technologies to transform the world for the better, like infinitely so.  It’s called Abundance.  It’s totally amazing.


Joe Rogan: So, howcome we can’t get AT&T to keep a fuckin’ phone going?


Jason Silva: (laughs)


Joe Rogan:  How come we can’t get a call to not drop?


Jason Silva: Yeah.


Joe Rogan:   Is that possible?  That’s ridiculous.  Why is that still going on?


Jason Silva:  You know what?  Phone calls still drop from time to time


Joe Rogan: They need to fix that wonky system.  The incredible shit that we have now… why, AT&T?  Why?


Brian Redban:  They just can’t keep up.


Joe Rogan:   Verizon doesn’t fuck me like you fuck me.


Brian Redban:  Yeah, they all fuck up.  They all use the same towers.


Joe Rogan:   No, they don’t, you silly boy.  They have two totally different signals.


Brian Redban:  Well, not Verizon and AT&T, but like if you look at what’s going on with Sprint right now and.. and.. Verizon, I think it is.  They all piggyback off each other’s towers…

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