Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

And also pointing to what’s wrong but in a sort of smart, mature way. And that’s, a phenomenon like that makes me happy. Like in an age of, you know, reality television like we also have, you know, the TED conference and the TED talks.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, I think it’s a.. I was thinking about this today in my car. I was like, this is the only time ever where people really uh, as a whole group were exposed to all sorts of alternative ideas without having to continue your education.

Without, without, be, you know like, I think for a lot of our parents, they got out of school and you know, they started working. Like what did they do? They picked up the paper now and again,


Jason Silva: Uhuh.

Joe Rogan: you know what I’m saying? Like would you.. you heard what Walter Cronkite  told you on the evening news?


Jason Silva: Right


Joe Rogan: Like your access to what the fuck was really going on was ridiculously small!


Jason Silva: Totally


Joe Rogan:  You didn’t know anything. Like they were glossed. They were thinking like Captain America was out there saving the world.


Jason Silva:  Oh yeah.


Joe Rogan: They were like little children.


Jason Silva: Totally


Joe Rogan: The difference between that and what your children are gonna have, the access they’re gonna have from birth.  It’s insane.  It’s not even the same species. It’s not the same reality.


Joe Rogan: Informationally, it’s not.. it’s not even the same reality.


Jason Silva: You’re totally spot on. I know what you’re saying. I mean literally.


Joe Rogan: I don’t.. I don’t think we even realize how crazy it is, coz we’re caught up in this cyclone and we’ve just accepted.


Jason Silva: That’s why they call it a singularity. And that’s why it’s such a great metaphor.   And you know, it’s not the only one.

We had a singularity when we invented language. I mean life after language is impossible to imagine, I think, to people on the other side of the line. Like pre-language beings.


Joe Rogan: Yes


Jason Silva: Can’t imagine life after language


Joe Rogan: and it’s just only been about a hundred thousand years


Jason Silva: Right, exactly


Joe Rogan: You had a brilliant thing we were talking about on one of your videos.


Jason Silva:  Yeah


Joe Rogan: We were talking about Manhattan.


Jason Silva: Yeah


Joe Rogan: and how you were described. Pleas say that.


Jason Silva: Okay, absolutely. There’s a new book by David Deutsch. He’s a quantum physicist and genius.  It’s called The Beginning of Infinity.  And I read this New York Times review of the book before I even found the book.

But it was like, the guy was saying, he’s mesmerizing intellect and just to give you an example of where his head is at.  He says, “If you consider the topology of Manhattan as it exists today.

So the physical topography of the entire land mass is no longer shaped by the forces of geology.  Literally, geology has been trumped by the forces of mind manifested as economics, culture, you  know, human behavior.

So we’re literally artifacting landscapes now. Like mind over matter literalized.  And what he’s saying is that that might ultimately will be the fate of the whole universe, and that gravitation and anti-matter only govern the universe at its least interesting stages.

But we’re.. we’re moving in terms of the ability of mind to shape reality, as in the physical topography of Manhattan, and the world at large is that eventually that will be the fate of the whole universe.  So sub-straight independent minds impregnating intelligence into the cosmos.  We’re talking like,


Joe Rogan: Death Star.  We’re talking Death Star type shit.


Jason Silva:  I was gonna say like a cosmic symphony during the Christian dome stretching on forever like


Joe Rogan: Wow.. or the Death Star


Jason Silva: or the Death Star


Joe Rogan: remember how badass the Death Star was?  It blew up a whole fuckin’ planet.  You better shut your mouth, bitch!  They built a fake planet.

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