Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan: I think that’s how JayZ rocks it too


<background> (laughs)


Joe Rogan: JayZ and Socrates.  Cause JayZ, I’ve always been amazed that he doesn’t write any of his raps down


Brian Redban: Oh that’s so fascinating


Joe Rogan: He’s so brilliant he just keeps them all in his head.  And it’s uh Everlast is the same way.  Doesn’t write anything down


Jason Silva: Yeah, well ,I mean whatever works for each person.  But I think that what uhm


Joe Rogan: But they feel like they should as an artist be able to spew out all their best stuff


Jason Silva: But even.. even language and thinking is a technology too.


Joe Rogan:  Right.


Jason Silva:  I mean we’re still depending on various components of the brain do certain functions


Joe Rogan: Right


Jason Silva: I think this what we called as skinbag bias.  I mean this assumption it’s better if it’s all coming from within us.


I think our actual minds are actually part of a dance between our brains and our environments and our tools.  I mean I outsource part of my cognition to the iPhone.  There is a whole —


Joe Rogan:  There’s a theory, isn’t?


Jason Silva:   theory called “The Extended Mind Thesis”  that you literally you create artful change in the world using the magic wand known as the iPhone.  It stores part of your memory.  It allows you to interface with reality and actually cause change in reality.

Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist.  She says, “Our smartphones basically give us technologically mediated telepathy.  SMS is basically sending your thoughts through time and space at the speed of light.

By pressing a few buttons you become telepathic.  All you have to do is embrace the idea that’s a part of you.”  It’s the extended phenotype that Richard Dawkins talks about, right?

You know, termites build termite colonies.  Termite colonies are part of this termite species.  You know, what we produce is part of our extended phenotype.  It’s a part of us it’s not separate from us.  I think that idea is crazy.


Joe Rogan: So this is connecting us to us.


Jason Silva: Yes.


Joe Rogan: This is really just connecting us to us.


Jason Silva: Yeah this, this.


Joe Rogan: This is enhancing who you are.  Because you are the connection between you and all the positive organisms around you.  And the more you can.. the more you can keep that going exponentially the happier and the better life will be.


Jason Silva: Yes this…


Joe Rogan: This really is an enhancement of you.


Jason Silva: This emerged and evolved the same way biological functions and features emerge and evolve.


Joe Rogan: Yeah.


Jason Silva: Kevin Kelly‘s treaties on these, What Technology Wants is fantastic and he talks about how technology has a direction and has tendencies and what not.

And Ray Kurzweil of course who’s a friend and hero, he says, “Our ability to create virtual models, virtual reality in our heads, combine simply with our modest looking thumbs were sufficient to ushering literally a secondary force of evolution called technology.

And it will continue in accelerating pace until the entire universe is at our fingertips”

And I think what people say is wow how poetic, how metaphorical except what he’s saying is these exponential workers of technology and then impregnating computation into matter with nanotechnology.

Or impregnating man-made evolution into synthetic biology or artificial life.  These convergence of this exponential growing technologies are literally you know, it’s like uh..

Steward Brand says, “We are as Gods and we might as well get good at it.”  Like, having invented the Gods we can turn into them.

Like, it’s not to say instead of praying for transcendence, let’s engineer transcendence.  Let’s engineer ourselves into blissful, you know, Utopic existence


Joe Rogan: Hopefully or nuclear war.  That’s the other problem.  The problem is that man is also wicked good at blowing shit up. (laughs)  You know?

Like it seems like in our highest levels of technology the best shit we have, the most impressive shit, is the shit that can just wipe things out.

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