Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

So uh.. thank you very much for coming in here.  You can catch him on Twitter.

Follow him it’s jason_silva.  jason_silva on Twitter and please check out his Vimeo video.  Just Google Jason Silva Vimeo.  It’s real easy to find.  And they’re fucking great  and there’s many?  28?


Jason Silva:  I think there’s like 20 plus videos.


Joe Rogan:  20 plus videos of enlightenment.  That’s free and available on the internet.  Goddamn.  The world’s an awesome place in 2012.  Thank you very much for coming in.


Jason Silva:  Thank you, brother!  Thank you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, both


Joe Rogan:  Thank you to Fleshlight for sponsoring our podcasts.


Jason Silva:  Yes.


Joe Rogan:  Please go to, click on the link Flesh.  It’s not flashlight.  It’s Fleshlight.  It’s the sex thing that.. don’t talk about it, man.

Trust me, you want to distance yourself from me.  People don’t understand they be hating.  It’s a very controversial subject for some reason.


Brian Redban:  You wanna smell it?


Joe Rogan:  Don’t spread it open.  Don’t make him smell it.  If you go to click on the link for the Fleshlight, enter the code name “rogan” and you get 15% off.

And thank you to O-N-N-I-T, makers of Alpha Brain.

Someone actually sent this on one of the message board threads, I thought it was funny.  He goes, “Brian and Joe have been on Alpha Brain for the last year.  How come they don’t seem any smarter?”


Brian Redban:  I don’t take it anymore.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, and you know what?  I might get too high before I do this podcast.  Let me tell you, there is a fine line between uh how I look and how I look now.

I look at myself and I’m like, “Dude, you’re high as fuck.”  That’s ridiculous.  You should not be that high and talking to strangers.  So I apologize if I came out too high.  But it was in fact..


Brian Redban:  I thought it was fantastic.


Joe Rogan:  Um.. but I take Alpha Brain.  I do.  I love it.  It’s the shit.  I wouldn’t.. if I didn’t believe in it I wouldn’t support it.  I don’t make that much money from it.

I do it because I believe in it.  And I think it’s an awesome company.

And I wanna thank the guy behind it, my friend Aubrey is one of the coolest human beings on the planet.  And he has only the best intentions in mind and so do we.

So, that’s why I stand behind these products and that’s why I stand behind the company.  And if I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t even attach to it.  Go to click on the link for Alpha Brain, enter the code “rogan” and you will get 10% off.

Alright.  Fucking dirty freaks.  This show’s over.  We’ll be back tomorrow with the Icehouse Chronicles that you can only get on Deathsquad top 5 on iTunes right now, bitches.

So go to um.. the iTunes and subscribe to Deathsquad.  It’s the only way to get the Ice House Chronicles.  They also have a show here tonight at the Icehouse Pasadena.  Get your tickets now.


Brian Redban:


Joe Rogan:  Yeah, because it’s a really intimate setting.  It’s only 85 seats, but the fucking lineup is dynamic.

We got Brian Callen.  My boy Brian CAllen is coming down.  One of my favorite comedians. He’s silly.  He’s ridiculous.

Onstage he’s so much different than his warm hunger inside that you see on the podcast.  He’s Fox News represented.  I love that, dude.  I’m just kidding.  And um..


Brian Redban:  Al madrigal.  Al Madrigal.


Joe Rogan:  Brilliant, brilliant Al Madrigal who’s also now a corresponder for the daily show.  And I fucking love him to death.  He’s fucking hilarious.

I’ve been working with Al Madrigal for over a decade.  I work with him in San Francisco , in the old room of cops. a hundred and 50 seater.  There.  History.  Brody.  Who else is gonna be on?


Brian Redban:  Uh.. Sara, Jason Tivo, Sara Tiana, Sam Tripoli might stop by.  Boom!  Sam Tripoli as well.  And of course, I’ll close the show out.

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