Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

And ideas, it’s a like a new kingdom that rises above the biosphere and the denizens of this kingdom are ideas.  Ideas have retained the properties of organisms.

They have infectivity.  They have spreading power. They leap from brain to brain.  They compete for the limited resources of our attention.

And here’s the most interesting thing.  Even though ideas are not made of nucleic acid they have achieved more evolutionary change at a rate that leaves the old gene panting far behind.

So, ideas, you know, to say that ideas change the world and they transform reality is not a metaphor.  Ideas do transform reality.  In fact, it transforms reality better than biological evolution did.

In turns McKenna actually said that “the moment that we invented language, biological evolution essentially stopped and evolution become a cultural epigenetic phenomenon.”

Because now we take in matter of lower organization that goes from out mental filters and it pops out as iPhones and Space Shuttles.  I mean this is all the human brain.

The most complex thing in the universe.  It’s producing the world that we inhabit and so on and so forth.


Joe Rogan: It’s impossible, it’s impossible to wrap your head around it.  It’s like the end of it.  It’s like trying to figure out where it’s gonna go from here.

It’s like, “What the fuck is gonna happen?  Well, what is gonna be the next breakthrough that make the internet look like, you know, like a landline?


Jason Silva: Virtual reality, right?


Joe Rogan: Right


Jason Silva: It turns McKenna also said, “We are increasingly moving into universes of our own construction,” Right?

Paola Antonelli uh from the MoMA in New York City.  She talks about uh, she did an exhibit called “Design and the Elastic Mind” and recently did an exhibit called “Talk To Me”, about how we interface with our technological tools, which is very much about the whole Marshall McLuhan like, “first we built the tools and then they build us.”

And uh she talks about existence maximum.  She says that, you know, personal iPods, for example, allows us to create customized playlist.  So essentially we can all impose soundtracks on our lives.

So, we’re each living in different universes because we each are scoring our lives and instrumenting our lives in different ways.  And reality, therefore, is further sort of a separated into individual subjective universes.


So, to say that we live in our own reality is absolutely true.  Instead of living in a sort of consensus trance, we each increasingly move into our own customized Utopias.  Our own lucid dreams.  That’s amazing.


Joe Rogan: Is that really possible?  Is that really what’s going on?  Is that all of our realities, our imaginary things that we created that are interacting with others?


Jason Silva: Well Robert Anton Wilson talks about your “Reality Tunnels.”  I mean certainly there is an element of consensus reality where we sort of respect each other and acknowledge each other as other entities that we share space with.

But um.. certainly like, how I perceive moment to moment reality is uh, is edited by my preconceptions by my stereotypes, by the way I was brought up by certain belief systems and so on and so forth.

These things act as filters that skew how I perceive things, and we’re all stuck in our reality tunnels.  And people talk about illumination and shedding your reality tunnels to seeing sort of broader more interesting varied realities, and um yeah I definitely think that we’re each, you know, individual reali-, realities


Joe Rogan: Do you think that we’re gaining some new cognitive functions and some.. some new abilities to read each other, and to.. to have insight into each other because of technology?


Jason Silva: Yeah. I mean I think that the first information technology was language and the alphabet.  You know what I mean?  People always like, criticize technology.  You know when we invented writing…


Joe Rogan: Right


Jason Silva: It’s been said that Socrates used to say that you should never write anything down because it was gonna rot our brains.  This technology of writing was this terrible thing.  And then it kinda becomes so embedded in who and what we are.

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