Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

Your mind is free to roam from 600 thousand minds to their minds, to their friends’ minds, and their friends’ minds, and their friends’ minds.

You are freed by the podcast.  By the tools.  I mean think about that.  Think about like how it expands the reach of each and every one of us.

And then it’s up to what we say.  That will determine the size of the following in the influence of what you say.


Joe Rogan:  Sure.  Sure.  Yeah, whether or not.. You know people wanna hear real communication.

Real talk.  Don’t you think I ain’t got enough bullshit on my mind?  People wanna hear real people communicating.  And there’s not enough of that going on.


Jason Silva:  I think people respond to authenticity.  They respond to authenticity.


Joe Rogan:  And it’s a.. It’s a beautiful venue for any comedian or anybody who’s looking to express themselves, or someone like you, or anybody that has an idea.

It’s.. the most important thing is I just gotta get this out there.  I don’t wanna go through all these different channels to get this out there.

I don’t wanna get it approved.  What do you say tonight?  Well, I’m gonna say this.  You know I think..


Jason Silva:  Totally.  You have transcended all those rules and limitations no longer apply, you know.  And eventually you will have more impacted those institutionalized forms of putting things out there.


Joe Rogan:  Well, they won’t exist anymore.


Jason Silva:  Of course they’re not gonna exist anymore.  That’s inevitable.


Joe Rogan:  Yeah.  The whole form of government we enjoy in the future will have to be internet based.  Unless there’s something else that becomes cooler than the internet.


Jason Silva:  There is gonna be like the libertarian utopias.  The sea studying institutes that build those manmade islands where we can have like libertarian Utopias.  Free of government control.


Joe Rogan:  This has been a mind-blowing podcast.


Jason Silva:  This has been such a treat, guys.  I can’t tell you how..


Joe Rogan:  Thanks for hooking it up, dude.  Brian hooked it up.  he hooked it up through the power of the internet.


Jason Silva:  Thanks, Brian.  You are the man.  The power of the internet.  Brian’s the man, dude.  He’s been very very awesome and supportive.


Joe Rogan:  Fascinating guy, huh?  Fascinating ideas, man.


Jason Silva:  I thank you, man.


Joe Rogan:  I think you fucked a lot of people’s head sideways today.  A lot of people on the train right now headed home from work, going, “God damn!”

Get out of the car now.  I don’t know what the fuck to think.


Brian Redban:  This is a double listen.  Slow it down by 50.


Joe Rogan:  This is one of those podcasts we try to interject some humor here and there along the way.  Just to break it up a little.

Coz you have so many ideas.  You present them so well, and so quickly, you know?  That was really enjoyable, man.

You have a really good understanding of people’s attention spans and of being, you know, enigmatic.

And when you’re doing these video clips, it’s not just that you have great ideas.  It’s you have great ideas that you figured out how to say it with so much passion and enthusiasm.

It becomes really contagious and then on top of it, there’s the perfect visuals and it’s like really powerful stuff, man.  I’m honored that you came down for the podcast today.


Jason Silva:  Dude, I’m honored that you have me, dude.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  You know what?  That’s the thing.  This is a collaborative situation.


Joe Rogan:  It always is.


Jason Silva:  You are now helping build ideas, multiply and spread


Joe Rogan:  And it’s fun for all of us.  Yeah, this is a fun conversation.  I love the fact that I can meet someone like you and have this crazy talk.

It’s just the coolest shit ever.  Real talk.  Just one of the coolest things on the internet and this new world that we live in.

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