Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva


Joe Rogan:  You’re totally right.  I’m a retard.  I have to figure out how it happened.  You know, I’m this “What happened?”

I can’t even live in the moment when it comes to this.  I’m still trying to pick apart the formula how we got to this point.

But this point is the most fascinating point.  If this point existed in the past, if we were running around like, you know,


Jason Silva:  I don’t think we


Joe Rogan:  No, I don’t think so.  But if we somehow or another, we’re running around like the Romans on fucking horses and shit, nobody ever figured out how to make a phone.

And somebody found some projection thing and threw up a movie of how we live right now with cars and shit, oh my God!

People standing in front of a fire, “What the fuck is this?!”  Way, way crazier than anything.  Have you ever imagined it?


Jason Silva:  I love looking at time-lapse videos of cities at night.  Because what you see


Joe Rogan:  I think you have it in one of your videos.


Jason Silva:  Yeah.  There’s that scene.. the movie The Tron, right? It says try to picture clusters of information as they flowed through the computer.

What do they look like?  Were the circuits like freeways?  chips?  Motorcycles?

And when you look at a time lapse of a city at night, you do see it.  It’s just particles of light.  It’s just information being exchanged, you know?

Especially when it’s time lapse and you don’t see the individual cars and you just see the light and the buildings.  That’s just information, you know?

It was Dawkins who says if you want to understand life,  don’t think of oozing gels and throbbing liquids.  Think about information technology.

Think about information being exchanged all the time.  That’s all it is.  Pattern of information.


Joe Rogan:  If you’re some.. if you’re someone flying into L.A., I urge you to fly into L.A. at night.


Jason Silva:  Right!  It’s a motherboard, dude!  It’s a motherboard!


Joe Rogan:  you can’t believe how wild it looks.


Jason Silva:  Right!  How organized!  How planned!  How inevitable!


Joe Rogan:  How bladerunner.  You don’t realize how advanced we are as a society.  I don’t really get the full perspective.  But if you fly into Los Angeles at night


Jason Silva:  Hedonic Adaptation, man.


Joe Rogan:  My friend, Larry, had a house built up at a top of Hollywood Hills, and he would go on to his backyard and it was like the craziest science fiction movie ever.

You couldn’t believe it was a real view, man.  It was all like Christmas lights.  All throughout like, you know, the whole city in front of him.

It was amazing.  It was a view that I would wonder if I lived there, if I ever got anything done.  Coz I just might get out there every night and just stare like a fuckin’ monkey.


Jason Silva:  You would hope so.  But probably after two weeks, you wouldn’t even notice it.


Joe Rogan:  That is a way.. I would notice it if I smoked weed.  I’m gonna look at that and go, “God damn!  This is crazy.”


Jason Silva:  There you go.  You just hit the nail in the head.  That would be your way of getting rid of the hedonic adaptation and turning a luster and wonder into your experience.


Joe Rogan:  People say, “Why do you talk about weed so much, man?  It’s Kind of annoying.  You’re annoying when you harp on weed so much. ‘Coz it’s worth talking about, man.


Jason Silva:  People talk about yoga.  Or people talk about how much they love their wine.  “Oh, I love this 1975 delicious red wine.”


Joe Rogan:  “Oh let’s just smoke pot.  Let’s take a nap.”  Get in the wrong shit, kid.


Jason Silva:  Well, dude, you can use food to nourish your body.  You can use food to become morbidly obese.  So really, it’s not the food’s fault how you use it.


Joe Rogan:  Tired of this bullshit society not catching up.  Jason, how do we get through this?

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