Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 183 Jason Silva

You have to be really completely in tune to hit such high heights.  And you know, you have to be in tune ethically, morally.  But you’re still a human being.

So in that philosophy is not somehow or another genetically imprinted into the monkey, in time, with lack of discipline, and people that aren’t good at raising children, the ideas will be lost.


Jason Silva:  Well, but now, all the world’s ideas and all the world’s information is now digital.


Joe Rogan:  The library of Alexandria.


Jason Silva:  I don’t think we’ll ever lose that library again. And the internet is all so distributed, right?  It’s not a centralized network.  I don’t think you can knock down the ideas ever again.


Joe Rogan:  We can.  We can lose it all.  We can totally start from scratch.  We may have.  You know, that’s the big question.

When you look at Egypt, they.. How did they get that far ahead everybody else?  That’s a nutty thing, man.  I mean it’s almost like a joke.  You know?

It’s almost like, “Well you think you understand history? Ta-dah!  Look at that! 2 million, 3 hundred thousand stones cut into a perfect pyramid.

Used to be smooth limestone with a golden cap, all made back when there was no fuckin’ wheel.  Good luck! Good luck!  Figure it out.”  What?!?


Jason Silva:  Well, you know what?  Back then, they weren’t global.  And so if that limited area was knocked out, then it affected the whole.

Now we’re global, so the only way that the whole thing could be knocked out is with an asteroid. Not if you killed one part or another.

But I think eventually we’ll be post terrestrial.  That’s why we gotta go into space.


Joe Rogan:  Yes, for sure.  Isn’t it amazing that someone at some point in time, what was the root that Egyptian called 2500 BC?  Someone got that far.  Isn’t it amazing?


Jason Silva:  Oh it’s totally amazing!


Joe Rogan:  People that .. I mean I’ve never been to Egypt, but I’ve watched a lot of documentaries.

I did go to Chichen Itza once, which was .. maybe not as impressive a Egypt because of its sheer size of some of the things, but still, pretty fascinating that this was uh.. an ancient culture that existed over a thousand years.

They made these amazing buildings.  You’re walking on the ground where their civilization took place.


Jason Silva:  And you realize that these were like thinking, philosophical people who thought about deep things thousands of years ago.  Profound thoughts about space and


Joe Rogan:  I’m.. all completely fascinated by the minds.  Completely fascinated by the Mayan culture. And the idea that there’s over a thousand Mayan Temples just out there in the jungle that they haven’t even discovered yet.

You know, they find these fucking things.  And then they just start digging into to them.  And I’m like, “Holy shit!”

And they’ll be in Mexico City and they’re gonna build apartment buildings.  And someone wants to go,”Stop”!  We just found the biggest temple in the history of Mayan culture.”

You know, and they’ll find some gigantic fucking things that are just underground, you know?  It’s like, you gotta wonder, “What the hell happened there?”

They had achieved incredible height as far as their ability to construct these things at a certain stone.  And then even before them there’s so many called the “omex”.

They didn’t even know who the fuck they were.  They didn’t even know what the language was.  They have no idea, but they had this giant fat African heads


Jason Silva:  You know, what it shows, though?  It shows the tendency towards complexity.

And the tendency towards development and progress that might have been thwarted by an existential threat or a war or whatever it is that happened.

But the tendency is there.  So it’s this idea that like, life moves towards complexity.

Life is actually anti entropic. wants to get more complex, more sublime.  You know?  Knowledge, information wants to spread.  Sentients wants to perpetuate itself.

And so I think we’re on the best.. we’re on the best ride of history.  I think they got pretty far but then they were thwarted.

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